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February 10, 2015



Testing, testing...

Watcher In The Dark

I presume the sainted Laurie is telling us plebs to be mindful of our ignorant assumptions and biases, which in the spirit of all good lefties she won't think applies to her.


which... she won’t think applies to her.

You do have to wonder how Laurie reconciles the bold statement tweeted above with… well, pretty much anything she’s ever written. For instance, her insistence that “it is not that hard to pay people a decent wage” because it doesn’t matter whether your business is competitive or not. Or that using heavy metal objects to smash the windows of random strangers - in order to terrify the people inside - somehow isn’t violence. Or her claim that “the planet is boiling” and “we have five years until catastrophic climate change becomes a foregone conclusion.” Or her belief that football is merely “organised sadism” and “violently excludes more than half the people.” And so on, and so forth.


Hey, this commenting without Captcha is very exciting. It’s like going commando.

Watcher In The Dark

"It’s like going commando."

I couldn't possibly comment, but I am so glad those blurred little figures aren't there. And after the GenElec we might have fewer of them in parliament, too.


Be clear about your own biases and assumptions. Question them at every turn.

She's the gift that keeps on giving. :-)


This one, incidentally, was also considered. Because when reading Ms Penny’s hyperbolical tirades, fairness and accuracy are the very first things that leap to mind.

David Gillies

The fish can't perceive the water in which it swims and thus Penny Dreadful, immersed as she is in the nice warm waters of orthodox Leftism, can't perceive her own biases, instead seeing them as just the beliefs of any person of good faith (by extension, dissent is bad faith rather than reasoned disagreement). We all suffer from epistemic closure to an extent, but it takes someone of Penny's solipsistic bent to regard it as a virtue.


And for some reason this one here reminded me of Laurie’s rather heated exchange with David Starkey, whom she attempted to slander. Before it all went horribly wrong.

Lancastrian Oik

"There are other jobs"

Not that she'll pay any attention to her own advice.

Even when restricted to 140 characters she somehow manages to make herself sound insufferably pretentious and pompous.


Tell the stories that matter to you.

This is all well and good if you live in Ms Penny's extremely rarified world where journalism amounts to writing delirious screeds about going on left wing demos, feminism and privilege checking.
But it's not such great #AdviceforYoungJournalists who, back on planet earth, count it as a good day if they get home before 9pm, haven't been sent out to doorstep someone on a god forsaken sink estate or had to spend 45 minutes listening to the " great story" the wild-eyed care in the community case who has wandered into reception wants to tell the world.


Hey, this commenting without Captcha is very exciting. It’s like going commando.

*Throws underpants away*

I see what you mean.


Can someone put a towel on that bar stool?


Before it all went horribly wrong.

David Starkey, he makes leftists heads explode.


Any hint of laughter will trigger the alarm.

Laughter? Oh, no, no, no. Really.

One does nearly nonstop giggling.

Surreptitious Evil

I suppose that if lefty-ism is a lack of awareness of reality, then method acting lefty-ism must involve a lack of self-awareness.

Unless we are not being cynical enough? That this is advice to young journalists. And once you've got a couple of paying columns and a bit of infame, then you can exercise your biases, invent your own truths and cast your assumptions upon the widest and wildest shores?


There is no such thing as 'objective' journalism. Strive instead for fairness and accuracy and to bring your readers into the fold (at a pretty cost). You will know those suckersthe enlightened by the silent nods you get on the subway.

John D

There's this one too:

"Don't read the comments. DON'T read the comments. I SEE YOU READING THEM. Stop."

If you read the comments there's a risk people will explain why you're wrong.


If you read the comments there’s a risk people will explain why you’re wrong.

Ah yes, but those people will be bad people and so you needn’t listen to anything they say, even factual corrections. Their facts will be bad facts.


There's this one too:

"Don't read the comments. DON'T read the comments. I SEE YOU READING THEM. Stop."

If you read the comments there's a risk people will explain why you're wrong.

This quite succinctly explains why Vox.com doesn't allow comments at all.


Without Captcha active, I have a strong desire to post about how my Mother makes $2,000 a day working from her home computer. WHO CAN STOP ME?!

Steve 2: Steveageddon

You lot are focussing on the wrong bit.

It's not Miss Penny's hypocrisy that's most amusing. It's that she's giving #advicetoyoungjournalists now.

What's next? Owen Jones playing the grandfather in a Werther's Original advert?


Someone tell dicentra that Steve 2: Steveageddon is back in town.


Praise Jebus, he's back!

Adam d

@ heralder, I am intrigued with how your mother makes so much money. I assume I to my involves 10-15 mins if owe a day as well? If so I will send you my address, contact details, bank details and credit card so that I too can earn that kind of money. If you want any more info such as a DNA sample just let me know.

As for Laurie every time she pops up on the internet a link to starkey reducing her to incomprehensible gibberish should be posted.

Adam d

Wow auto correct destroyed my comment. No drinking was involved I assure you and a promise to check before posting has been made. Carry on ..


Speaking of LP, questioning assumptions, and striving for accuracy:






Someone tell dicentra that Steve 2: Steveageddon is back in town.

He must have been thwarted by the captcha for the past few weeks. Even when it was working.

As regards the subject at hand, I've been reliably informed that the personal has always been the political, which is why Mss Penny and Sarkeesian have important things to say.


Captcha: Mission accomplished...


Don't forget the mouse-over text ;) .

+ + +

Anyway... actually good advice from darling Penny. If only it wasn't so, well... ironic coming from her :P .

Steve 2: Steveageddon

David, dicentra, Steveo40 (assuming you meant me :) )...

I am returned from my great struggle with the Captcha.

We plunged into the deep water and all was dark. Cold it was as the tide of death: almost it froze my heart.

I threw down my enemy, and he fell from the high place, and broke the mountain-side where he smote it in his ruin.

Naked I was sent back, and had to dodge at least two Police Community Support Officers before I could clothe myself in my new mantle of Steve 2: Steveageddon The White.

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