A Life Without Art, How Barren That Would Be
They Walk Among Us

Friday Ephemera

Use of pepper spray brings forth tears, possibly laughter. // Landscapes of note. // Their lightning machine is much smaller than ours. // Man spends 52 years building own cathedral. // Dog and owl. // Potty Glo. “If lit, then sit.” // Limpet teeth. // Unappetizing cheeses. // Snacking hoopoe. // Speechless Obama. // Courtyard balcony of note. // “Beverage holders on all four corners.” // Camouflaged beverage holder of note. // That’s not a bookstore, this is a bookstore. // Some kind of rat-beast. // An object approaches Chelyabinsk. // Chairbending. // New Year’s Eve mega-rave, Wembley Stadium, 1994. I see a lot of suspicious gum-chewing. // Fog in Tokyo. // 3D-printed selfie statues. // The unseen Pakistan. // And finally, why parents rarely want their children to be artists, part 12.