Uncanny Powers Are a Feminist Issue
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Friday Ephemera

Evil slippers. (h/t, PootBlog) // Solar-powered cats. // Crop circle towels. // Fresh honey on tap. // 900 jars of honey and some naked models. // Head lamps. Lamps for your head. // Anatomically realistic 3D glass brain. // Bar stool of note. // Buddha statue innards. // Magnified marine life. // Now with nipples. // Made of wire. // A tale of dead whales and the bone-eating matriarchs that feed on them. // The town without wi-fi. // A tour of Tommy Boy Records, 1991. // At last, test your knowledge of car grills. // “The girl who gets gifts from birds.” An eight-year-old queen of the crows. // Augmented table. // “Car accident. Videoed myself.” // All done with CG. // And finally, scientifically, “There are a startling number of tutorials where people discuss ways to achieve good breast physics.