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February 06, 2015


R. Sherman

Second comment on the goatee template:

Awesome for goatees . . . not so good for my wife's foofoo. She says it's difficult to grip on to. I've suggested she tries pelvic exercises.


Second comment on the goatee template:

Yeah . . . with a first thought remembering that yes, there there is a hipster born every minute . . . .

Arguably totally in line with same, from the same page as the magnets, 50 Shades of [Sigh]: The Disastrous 50 Shades of Grey Press Tour

The absolutely uniform reaction to the book that I've heard from people with an actual interest in actual BDSM as actually practiced has been, pretty much, oh, that . . .


Enliven your meetings with swings.

I'm showing the boss that one. I have high hopes.


a photon’s journey across the solar system, in real time.

Yeah, we're going to need warp drive.


I’m showing the boss that one. I have high hopes.

Do let us know how that one pans out. The company does have a swing budget, doesn’t it?

Yeah, we’re going to need warp drive.

The filmmaker acknowledges he takes a few liberties with the alignment of the planets and various relativistic effects, but everything is to scale and it does convey just how much space there is between this and that. At least you’d have time to complete every level of Flow.


Cat changes mind.

Can't decide if that's art or poetry. :-)


Speaking of poetry


He collects synthesizers

Anyone remember Synthesizer Patel?

Good old Look around you. Taught me everything I know about science/tech :)


Speaking of poetry…

Ah yes. "Young I was. Needed the money I did."

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

I'm not certain if the Ephemera is the best place for this, but:

One Man’s Quest to Rid Wikipedia of Exactly One Grammatical Mistake

“I feel sometimes that this motivation feels a little bit fuzzy, or a little bit negative in some ways… Like, one of my favorite Wikipedians of all time is this user called Giraffedata,” he says. “He has, like, 15,000 edits, and he’s done almost nothing except fix the incorrect use of ‘comprised of’ in articles.”


That perpetual pizza, shown on a big-screen TV — is it a good stand-in for an acid trip?

Asking for a friend…


he's done almost nothing except fix the incorrect use of 'comprised of' in articles.

That's a losing battle. The correct use of "comprise" is so counter-intuitive and so infrequently encountered that it has already replaced "composed of" for all intensive purposes [sic].

A populace will eventually repurpose terms that cease to make sense, such as "nauseous" and "begs the question."

It happens.

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