Friday Ephemera
Strange Appetites

They Walk Among Us

The following is from a letter by Tony Clark of the Communist Party Alliance, as featured on the letters page of the Weekly Worker, “a paper of Marxist polemic and Marxist unity”:  

I never claimed that the future of humanity “may rest on the beneficence of extra-terrestrial reptiles.” I… referred to the reptilian control theory, which argues that for thousands of years humanity has been controlled by a reptilian race, using their mixed reptile-human genetic bloodlines, who have oppressed and exploited humans, while claiming descent from the ‘gods’ and the divine right to rule by bloodline. Ancient and modern society is obsessed with reptilian, serpent and dragon themes, possibly due to this heritage. Even the flag of Wales has a dragon on it. 

Most people have closed minds, depending on the issues. Mention the possibility of aliens secretly manipulating humanity behind the scenes and the shutters come down.

Anyone wishing to express their solidarity with Mr Clark and the Communist Party Alliance can do so here. Members of the Alien Reptile Hegemon™ are advised to use false names and adopt a human appearance.  

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