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Class Divide Detected

Friday Ephemera

“Send a bag of dicks to that special someone in your life.” // I want you Bach. // A map of undersea cables. // Miniature recreations of iconic photographs. // How to turn your smartphone into a microscope. // Circle Push, a game of pushing circles. // Sociology and farting, together at last. // Related: “Don’t fart naked near food.” // Robot room service. // Ace dad. // When Kindle covers go wrong. // Shockwave. // Vibrating cat paw massager. // Movie poster quiz. // Artist uses eye-tracker to draw with his eyes. // Done with smoke and bubbles. // Blind painter. // The cost of petrol. // Remember to pack sandwiches for your journey to the centre of the Earth. // At last, a Guardians of the Galaxy porno knock-off. // The erotic aspects of Tetris had previously been overlooked