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Friday Ephemera

Upwards, baby. (h/t, wtp) // Bladder stone. // Bears in the wood. // Board-less skateboard of note. // Endlessly useful tiny drill. // An incompetent dog. // Robot dog funerals. // Scanning big cats. // An over-stressed CD. // “Corned beef sandwiches fall apart easily, especially in zero gravity.” // Signs of the apocalypse, #602. // Portraits. // Plexiglas Pontiac, 1939. // Super-powered post-punks. // Passing the salt may prove tricky. // Eight-year-olds versus Vivaldi. // What is this thing called? // How to make miniature cheeseburgers. // In tampon-related news. // And finally, Sister Rosetta Tharpe does her thang, 1964.