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March 27, 2015



“Corned beef sandwiches fall apart easily, especially in zero gravity.”

Reminds me of the comment about the elderly admiral, who despite his crusty exterior, had the warm heart of a little boy . . . which he kept preserved in plexiglass, and used as a paperweight . . .

Russell Brand voted world's fourth most influential thinker

. . . from the bottom . . . Wonder who the next three below him were?

Passing the salt may prove tricky.

Bringing whole new meanings to tabling a discussion . . .

R. Sherman

When I saw the table, my first thought was of my Hot Wheels cars and the plastic looping orange track. Somehow, I don't think that's the effect the artists were going for.


Ye gods!: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/mar/26/hot-prospect-russell-brand-voted-worlds-fourth-most-influential-thinker


Endlessly useful tiny drill.

I want one.

Also Morrissey Hulk.


Ye gods!

Bronwen Maddox, who edits Prospect, “the leading magazine of ideas,” tells us Mr Brand has made an “important contribution to conversation and ideas over the past year… and, given the platform [he] has been given on the BBC and the Guardian, we felt he should be included.” So their methodology may leave something to be desired.

Or as Tim Worstall puts it,

Someone who is wrong, someone who is cocking up mightily, someone who is wrong and someone who is incomprehensible make up the world’s four leading thinkers?

Apparently, Prospect magazine has a “reputation for intellectual rigour.”


Robot dog funerals.

I buried my old iPhone yesterday. Very sad.


Sea stills.

Custard Cream

I love the enormous airborne catherine wheel.
"These are my people. I must go to them.".

Sam Duncan

Ah. I thought your tampon-related news might have been this:

Nico Rosberg reveals he wears a woman's sanitary towel on his head

Mercedes driver discloses secret to dealing with sweat while racing

God, he's going to be in for some stick now. I mean, it's actually quite a good idea, but don't tell everyone, dude.

(Yes, yes: towels != tampons. What do I know? I'm a bloke.)


Nico Rosberg: “I put a woman’s... erm... what do you call them? The thing you put in your underwear.”

Craig Slater: “Tights?”


Actually, the Prospect methodology thus explained shows the result is probabaly right: one doesn't have to be particularly original, profound or even coherent to be influential , one simply needs a big enough platfrom...


An incompetent dog does a very nice line in neck scarves.


Sea stills: impressive photographs, by someone with attention-seeking top knot.


I'm not even going to research "Prospect Magazine"; looking at its list of "thinkers" tells me everything.

They could have just as easily asked their readers: Which people tick your ideological boxes, make you feel good about yourself, and convince you that you walk among giants?

Rich Rostrom

I thought no product screw-up out of China could surprise me, but... How do you get radioactive contamination in sanitary pads?


June 11, 1940. "General Motors exhibit at Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco. Transparent Car with Pontiac Chassis and Body by Fisher."



Heh. Thanks, Matty.


Bronwen? For reals?


by someone with attention-seeking top knot.

I use a top knot to keep my stupid hair out of my stupid face while I do yard work.




Is it me or is your name growing in length?


Shorpy has another original shot of the Pontiac today, full 3/4 front view slightly elevated: click on it for a large high quality image.

June 11, 1940. "General Motors exhibit at Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco. Transparent Car with Pontiac Chassis and Body by Fisher." 8x10 Agfa negative, originally from the Wyland Stanley collection.


These shots show the car in all its glory, no dulling or stress cracking, metal all clean, the car really does look like a ghost...


How do you get radioactive contamination in sanitary pads?

I don't know about tampons, but many sterile bandages are sterilised with via irradiation. I'm guessing someone took a knob that was supposed to be set to something like 2 or 3 and turned it to 10 or 20. Or something like the following:

Location: The Corner Pub; Time: Friday 7:43pm

J: "Hey S, did you remember to turn off the irradiator with the wonky timer?"
S: "Umm ... Yep, definitely."

Location: Factory Floor B&C Feminine Hygiene; Time: Monday 9:03am

J: *glares*
S: "Look, I'm sure it won't matter. Let's just stick in the shipment for Lebanon."

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