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Let’s Talk About Our Feelings

In an eye-widening article that I recommend reading in full, Paul Sperry takes a look at ‘progressive’ education policy and its consequences

Thanks to talking circles and peer juries, “young people are now taking control of the environment,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan gushed in a 2014 speech to black students at Howard University. “It’s sort of a counter-intuitive thing for many of us as adults, but the more we give up power, the more we empower others, often the better things are,” Duncan added. “And empowering teenagers to be part of the solution, having them control the [classroom] environment, control the culture, be the leaders, listening to them, respecting them — when we do that, wonderful things happen for kids in communities that didn’t happen historically.”

Just weeks after “empowering teenagers,” San Diego public schools witnessed a surge in violent assaults.

A development repeated elsewhere, in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Oakland, Santa Ana and Syracuse, and all of which is no doubt bewildering to such educators as Eric Butler, a “restorative justice co-ordinator,” whose prideful mantra is “I don’t blame, I don’t punish.” 

How very generous of him.  

After a black high-school boy repeatedly punched his teacher in the face, sending her to the emergency room, the teacher, who is white, was advised by the assistant principal not to press charges. The administrator lectured her about how hard it is for young black men to overcome a criminal record. Worse, she was told she should examine what role she, “as a white woman” holding unconscious racial biases, played in the attack...

A white sixth-grade teacher at a mostly black Washington, DC, school told the US Commission on Civil Rights she had similar “conversations” in which she was told that the bad behaviour of black boys is mainly the teacher’s fault. “I have been encouraged to examine and question how my own racial dispositions affect my teaching and my students,” Andrea Smith testified. During cultural sensitivity training required of school districts under restorative justice programmes, teachers are told they are largely to blame for bad behaviour of black students because they “misinterpret” African-American culture.

Via Darleen Click, who asks, 

I’m sorry, but exactly how does one misinterpret a punch to the face?

Answers on a postcard, please. 



“It’s sort of a counter-intuitive thing for many of us as adults,

It's counter-intuitive for a reason.


Teachers are told to respect black "culture," which is described as more "emotional" and "physical," and to give disruptive students a pass when they curse and threaten them, because "African-American boys are demonstrative" and that’s just how they "engage in learning,"

Why do 'racial justice' warriors sound just like good old-fashioned racists?


Why do 'racial justice' warriors sound just like good old-fashioned racists?

Because they are.


Why do ‘racial justice’ warriors sound just like good old-fashioned racists?

They certainly have quite a lot in common, what with the cartoonish tribalism, the stereotypes, the urge to patronise, and the utter disregard for other, non-disruptive students, most of whom are likely to have dark skin. You see, according to our betters, the “root causes” of such behaviour are “white privilege” and “America’s legacy of racism.” And so those poor negro boys just can’t help punching teachers in the face, or groping them, or setting other students’ hair on fire. It’s “African-American culture.”

Didn’t you know?


Just weeks after “empowering teenagers,” San Diego public schools witnessed a surge in violent assaults. A development repeated elsewhere, in Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Oakland, Santa Ana and Syracuse,


Eric Butler, a “restorative justice co-ordinator,” whose prideful mantra is “I don’t blame, I don’t punish.” How very generous of him.

They're always generous with other people's safety and other people's money.


They’re always generous with other people’s safety and other people’s money.

Well, you can’t help but wonder how such people might feel if their own children had to share the same classrooms. Or if their wives and sisters had to teach in those classrooms. Or if the thugs they excuse moved in next door.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......Let me catch my breath...Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...Sorry about that but I think the phrase: 'Hoist with his own petard' was coined for situations like this.


Also somewhat relevant, the first item here, on racial quotas in school discipline, and the links below it. Because nothing says fairness like dishing out excuses according to how brown a student is.


restorative justice co-ordinator

My mind always boggles when I see job titles like that. It sets my mind to fixate what they actually do when they arrive at work in the morning, what they do in an average day and what their job interview entailed.
I don't imagine many youngsters hold ambitions to fill some PC non-job that adds absolutely nothing to society, so I genuinely struggle to imagine the process they've been through to arrive in these posts.


Despite the ‘let’s form a circle and share our feelings’ approach, the feelings of the thugs in question don’t seem overly complicated or hard to fathom:

Los Angeles Unified School District is seeing a similar spike in campus offences after its school superintendent followed federal orders to reduce suspensions of African-Americans. Even threats against teachers are ignored, as administrators’ hands are tied by the new policy. “I was terrified and bullied by a fourth-grade student,” a teacher at a Los Angeles Unified School District school recently noted on the Los Angeles Times website. “The black student told me to ‘Back off, bitch.’ I told him to go to the office and he said, ‘No, bitch, and no one can make me.’”

The feelings of entitlement, opportunism and impunity seem rather obvious. And precisely what you’d expect.


"Eric Butler, a 'restorative justice co-ordinator'..."

If all these harmful parasites were fired, payroll costs would drop significantly.

B Moe

"she was told that the bad behaviour of black boys is mainly the teacher’s fault."

My irony meter just exploded.


"I don't blame, I don't punish" has obviously never been punched in the face.


'I don't blame, I don't punish' = 'I live somewhere else'.

sackcloth and ashes

'I think the phrase: 'Hoist with his own petard' was coined for situations like this'.

The problem is that it is not the authors of such malign idiocy who have to deal with the consequences.


And in the end, these black kids will be unemployable in anything other than menial lowly paid jobs. If they get jobs - they could just become criminals, or end up in jail, or go on welfare. But there's little hope for much upward social mobility. Oh well. At least they were "empowered".

John D

"RJ (restorative justice) can encourage misbehavior by lavishing attention on students for committing infractions," warns Paul Bruno, who participated in talking circles while teaching middle school in Oakland and South Central Los Angeles. In fact, he added, "the circles may unwittingly allow already assertive students to leverage their social dominance even further inside the classroom."

You think?


the circles may unwittingly allow already assertive students to leverage their social dominance even further inside the classroom.

Well, if nothing else we’ll be able to see just how much damage can be done by being so studiously non-judgmental. Of certain people.

So there’s that.

Steve E

a “restorative justice co-ordinator,”

One of those jobs that comes with a wand, magic dust and a big, big bag of good intentions.


"In the beginning, God created idiots. This was for practice. He then created school boards."
-- Mark Twain

Watcher In The Dark

Several years ago when I did some teaching, a 'student' (someone who went to college but never studied coz it wuz all on Wikipedia, know wot I'm sayin'?) grabbed one of the female tutors round the breasts. As it happened he wasn't black (the area did not have many black youths as I recall) but thankfully the grabber's fellow students pulled him off the woman.

The college in question acted swiftly and told the teacher it was her fault for not making the classes interesting enough. The grabber was allowed to continue at the college (and indeed attend the classes with the same tutor) though he did eventually leave of his own volition to pursue a career in doing nothing useful.

Mind you, when another 'student' punched a male teacher in the face because the teacher asked him to behave, the college showed it had clearly learned its lesson because the management suspended both of them. God, I love this equality shit.

R. Sherman

It's getting to the point that whenever I see the word "justice" appearing, especially with some touchy-feely modifier, I can be sure that the actual thing itself will be nowhere to be found.

John The River

Some of my people used to tie prisoners between two posts and cut a "Blood Eagle" on his back (look it up). Why should only one side go primitive? Lets turn our schools into a real "cultural learning and sensitivity experience".

A lot of people are going to miss Civilization when its gone.


Just weeks after “empowering teenagers,” San Diego public schools witnessed a surge in violent assaults.


I’m sorry, but exactly how does one misinterpret a punch to the face?

Well, easy answers being:

A) One does not misinterpret.

B) One does react quite appropriately regarding one's personal safety and circumstances, and if there are objections by others, Oh, Bloody, Well . . . . . . .

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are pulling the plug on this year’s Pink Saturday due to “an escalation in violence” that marred the staple of Pride weekend.

From just one article . . .

According to organizers, the event has raised “hundreds of thousands of dollars for community nonprofits” over the years. But, as it gained popularity, it also attracted an unfortunate element.

“An escalation in violence associated with the event convinced us last summer that the event needed to significantly change if we were to produce it again,” Sister Selma Soul said in a statement.

The Sisters' specific statement is posted on their website.

. . . Soo, after the Sisters announced that they are walking out for very good reasons, current followup so far has included a tentative proposal amounting to Don't Worry everyone, everything will be Just Fine . . . we'll have a wee street party, just a few people, and we'll have the whole thing all done and the street clear by 8PM . . .

---with a paraphrase of the near universal reaction to that being Ohhhh, Yeah, Right . . . as 8PM is around the time that a large portion of the general Bay Area shows up for the free party and totally packs the whole area until at least midnight, that is when you're going in with spray enabled street sweeper trucks?

YeahRight . . Sure . . no problem . . .


IIRC, the MAO-A (aka 'the warrior gene'), which predisposes its possessors to violence, occurs in 5% of blacks and 0.5% of white English people. Perhaps third world immigration is not such a good idea after all.


whenever I see the word "justice" appearing, especially with some touchy-feely modifier, I can be sure that the actual thing itself will be nowhere to be found.

The term social justice has to be the worst example. It is bandied about whenever someone wants to disguise a barking mad, ruinous left wing idea as an act of benevolence to humanity.


Do you suppose black males violently punch their teachers in the face in classrooms in Ghana, Nigeria and the DRC? I'll bet they don't...


Hmmm... I'm reminded of the story of Ezekiel and the bears.



Well, DRC, Ghana and Nigeria aren't the least violent societies on the planet. There's no one explanation of most human behaviour; but also there's no doubt many more blacks than whites are genetically predisposed to be violent. So perhaps teaching practice should take account of this; and black parents likewise.

Steve E

"After a black high-school boy repeatedly punched his teacher in the face, sending her to the emergency room..."

"Worse, she was told she should examine what role she, “as a white woman” holding unconscious racial biases, played in the attack..."

Looks like she played the role of punching bag...one has but two cheeks to turn.


So epic is my combined and continually changing reaction of disgust-horror-enthrallment-despair to Sperry's piece that it has taken me (on-and-off) the best part of the afternoon to try and articulate some sort of a response that doesn't involve something along the lines of incoherent bellowing such as 'ARRRGGGH MY HOLY FUCKING GOD OH MY FUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK 'ARRRGGGH'.

In lieu of the at least 3,000-4,000 word response swirling around various parts of my brain then, I would like to make only these two points:

1) I know of a high school that in the late 1980s gained a new headmistress with a very Left-leaning outlook who instituted a schoolwide policy that lasted only a few weeks of a single term.

What was that policy?

That as no non-white boy or girl could be racist, any fight which involved a white and a non-white participant, the blame would automatically be laid at the door of the white school child.

What was the result when this policy became widely known?

Well, naturally, for 'a laugh' black boys would select a white boy they felt they could physically overpower and proceed to punch them in the face on absolutely no provocation (no, I wasn't one of these just FYI).

So popular was 'punch a whitey' that there was mayhem for a few short weeks which was swiftly brought to an end at the behest of the police as well as outraged parents.

2) Paulo Freire , Marxist extraordinaire and author of Pedagogy of the Oppressed (that I can assure from bitter personal experience is several orders more asinine than the title makes it sound) is currently in huge vogue in education departments across the Western English-speaking world.

To give you a taster of Freire in action:

    I have encountered, both in training courses which analyze the role of conscientizagao and in actual experimentation with a truly liberating education, the "fear of freedom" discussed in the first chapter of this book. Not infrequently, training course participants call attention to "the danger of conscientizagao " in a way that reveals their own fear of freedom. Critical consciousness, they say, is anarchic. Others add that critical consciousness may lead to disorder. Some, however, confess: Why deny it? I was afraid of freedom. I am no longer afraid!
    (1. The term conscientizagao refers to learning to perceive social, political and economic contradictions, and to take action against the oppressive elements of reality.

What a cunt.

Thanks largely to the efforts of his disciple, Henry Giroux , who besides being a buffoon of almost unfeasibly gargantuan proportions is also currently the "Global Television Network Professor of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Canada."



If it’s any comfort, this week’s ephemera will materialise just after midnight. It has fart jokes and everything.


there's no doubt many more blacks than whites are genetically predisposed to be violent.

No doubt? I've got plenty of doubt.

Show me the data.

Better yet, provide the name of the "predisposed to violence" gene and show me its distribution in the world population. Show me the chromosome where it's located.

I'll wait.

Inner-city blacks are "predisposed to violence" by living in piss-poor family conditions, being gestated by women hooked on drugs or alcohol or tobacco, being surrounded by dysfunctional people for as far as they can see, by not having a father in the home (even a mediocre one is better than none at all) and by various and sundry enablers who won't insist on good behavior because slavery.

The predominance of females in primary education is part of the problem. Feral male youths won't listen to women but a strong male authority figure who won't put up with their sass and their bad behavior can make a tremendous difference.

Trouble is, a man with the capacity to straighten out a school in such a manner is not welcomed by the enabling females that control the education system. He'd be condemned as a brute and an abuser and tossed to the curb in a New York minute. Most strong men know this and so won't subject themselves to that nonsense.

Blacks who are raised in stable homes are no more likely to be delinquent than whites raised in stable homes. When you compare apples to apples, the racial signal disappears.

The problem is multiculturalism and its fatal insistence on "not judging." In the U.S., poor blacks have been kneecapped by equal amounts of learned helplessness (your life sux because of whitey), crabs-in-a-crate mentality (being educated is "acting white"), and more lies than you can shake a stick at ("hands up don't shoot!").

During the first half of the 20th century, when racial bigotry kept all blacks down equally, Haarlem wasn't a particularly dangerous place. The poor consisted of the entire the Bell curve of personality and character types. Functional blacks left the ghetto as soon as law and custom allowed, leaving behind the dysfunctionals to go into a demented feedback loop.

Which, plenty of white people are just as dysfunctional, but in the U.S., they're spread out across the entire country, living along rural routes and in suburban trailer parks. Blacks are warehoused in projects that were built for the express purpose of keeping them out of the suburbs.

Reporters live in the cities, not the country, so the scary black neighborhoods are the only story they know when it comes to race and poverty.

I take that back: they're pretty sure that fly-over country is the exclusive domain of white trash and rednecks, whose dysfunction is either comedy or a projected stereotype about how racist Those People are.

So you can insist on a "genetic predisposition to violence" in the lesser races if you like, but unless you can demonstrate it using actual data, you've get to own that opinion as garden-variety bigotry.

Rich Rostrom

There is a point: modern schools have been structured by women and are run by women for girls. Boys of any race don't fit well, and are hammered to fit, often with drugs.

As to genetic variance: there is substantial evidence that blacks average lower on intelligence and impulse control, which leads to greater violence. This is aggravated by the feminization of schoolplaces noted above, and by the dysfunctional culture of black underclass communities, and by the indulgence of misguided liberals.

Ed Snack

Dicentra, the evidence that the 3R allelle of the MAO-A can lead to higher levels of aggression is reasonable, and it is found at higher rates in blacks (60%) than caucasians (34%). What is interesting though is that the effect is marginal at best under good upbringing, but appears to be triggered (love that word) by an abusive upbringing. People with this allelle react normally in most situations but appear to react more to large provocations.

The effect is very well marked in "Brunner's Syndrome", a genetic defect where the MAO-A gene is effectively disabled, however this is a very rare condition, known from 3-4 families.

So although one should be (IMHO) very skeptical of postulated genetic influences on behaviour, this particular explanation may have some merit especially when it is linked to your specific observation about upbringing. The key observation being, remove the cultural/social upbringing effects and the genetic effect become very probably indistinguishable.

Mind you, on an Occams Razor level, I don't see that genetics is a useful lens for viewing this issue unless there is a large and easily defined affect. MAO-A is interesting and may have a minor contribution in specific circumstances, but as a general approach, worthless. The explanation lies in the social and the culture that these young men are raised in; and that culture is "officially" approved and in fact encouraged.


Dicentra, the evidence that the 3R allelle of the MAO-A can lead to higher levels of aggression is reasonable

Do you have a link available?


Is sitting down and paying attention a white thing now, or is it just the girls (as opposed to noisy, unruly boys)?. It's hard to keep up with the trends.

I wonder, is there way to act asian in the classroom?

Ed Snack

Dicentra, as a first check, try Wiki, it has the basics and links onwards. I confess that in this case I didn't go deeper other than a cursory look, this is possibly useful : https://scientiasalon.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/the-extreme-warrior-gene-a-reality-check/ That link discusses the much rarer 2R allelle (6% frequency) in the context of research that also looked at environmental effects. Not a primary paper, but seems a balanced article.

I tend to be in the camp that believes that genetics *can* influence behaviour but that any such influence is strongly mediated by culture and upbringing. It would seem to me that looking at genetics in the cases in point here when there are very obvious cultural and social variables involved is rather useless. It isn't necessarily bigotry, but it is an explanation that rather looks like an excuse to apply same.

Ed Snack

Jimmy, I believe there is, keep quint, study hard, achieve outstanding top marks, and fail to get into your college of choice because racial quotas are imposed to keep you out. That's acting asian these days, you see, you an "honorary white" when it comes to discrimination.


Of course it's the teacher's fault. Why do they stubbornly insist on being so darn punchable?!


Ed Snack, it's interesting that some groups don't neatly fit into the schema of society that has been constructed so as to necessarily implicate whitey as racist beneficiaries of so much unearned privilege. It's almost as if hard work, patience, and deferral of gratification are universal behaviours that can benefit anybody...

Quint&Jessel, Sea of Azof, Bly, UK

So patronizing, so cruel to everyone: Cruel to the students, because some will act "down" to the level of toddler-beasts by punching and hitting and yelling; to other students who will be purposefully denied the education to which they're entitled (by the patronizing fools who institute this nonsense) and so condemned to live amongst the toddler-beasts; to the teachers, who would like to share the opportunity for learning that will get students away from the toddler-beasts and to a better life.

Teachers will leave these schools. Every student who has a parent who sees the bigger picture will leave these schools. What will be left will be wastelands--warehouses for screaming toddler-beasts and the fools who condescend to them.

These racists must think that students run amok in African countries; knowing a fair number of immigrants from various countries in Africa, they couldn't be more...what's the word...dumbass.


First, thanks for the link, Ed.

Dicentra, the evidence that the 3R allelle of the MAO-A can lead to higher levels of aggression is reasonable

According to the article, MAOA 3R occurs as follows:

56% of Maori males
58% of African American males
34% of European males
61% of Taiwanese males
56% of Chinese males

It should be noted that most of the African slaves in the U.S. came from a limited geographical area and so were probably related. (In other news, it just may be that Europeans are genetically predisposed to be wusses.)

MAOA 2R (the "extreme warrior gene") occurs in:

5.5% of African American men
0.9% of Caucasian men
0.00067% of Asian men

The article states that "No information is currently available on the frequency of 2R in males of African black descent outside the United States."

The figures for 2R come from the Add Health database (UNC Chapel Hill), a longitudinal study of adolescents in grades 7-12 in the United States only, the sample comprising approximately 20,000 students. The data for the Add Health is largely self-reported, the result of surveys and interviews, and it was not conducted for the specific purpose of measuring the presence of the MAOA variants.

The fact that the study was limited to representatives of ethnicities that happen to live in the United States casts significant doubt as to the general applicability of the data, especially as applies to Africans and Asians.

When tight controls are applied for environment — specifically punitive discipline — the racial signal disappeared:

As the researchers predicted, punitive discipline was associated with increased antisocial behavior only in men with the low-activity 3R variant. This pattern held for both white and black males. There was no relationship between harsh punishment and antisocial behavior in men carrying 4R, the high-activity version of MAOA.
Furthermore, "the frequency of the 2R variant is too low to analyze. In the future we’ll need extremely large samples to have enough males with 2R to study."

One of the first questions I had when beginning to read the article was whether they correlated behavior to gene presence or if they actually measured the MAOA levels in the brain. Turns out, they have:

Using PET imaging scans, these researchers found no correlation between MAOA brain levels and MAOA gene variants.
Therefore, it does not appear that the following statement is supported by the evidence: "Perhaps third world immigration is not such a good idea after all," for the simple reason that continental Africans have not been studied at all, nor have Latinos or Arabs or Indians.

Furthermore, "there's no doubt many more blacks than whites are genetically predisposed to be violent. So perhaps teaching practice should take account of this; and black parents likewise" does not appear to be backed by the evidence, except for the possible link to punitive punishment at particular stages in a child's development.

Because the presence of the allele does not correlate with MAOA enzyme levels in the brain, because epigenetics are still largely a mystery to us, and because there were no controls for gestational environment, stating that any race or population is naturally "predisposed to violence" is not even close to being a scientific certainty.

Not to mention the infinitesimal size of the 2R sample, which didn't include continental Africans, Indians, Arabs, Latinos, or Polynesians.


It might be a good idea to hold off with theories about which populations are naturally more violent than others, lest you actually be, you know, "anti-science."



Try 'A Troublesome Inheritance: genes, race and human history' by Nicholas Wade, former science editor of the New York Times.

By the way, do you believe that human evolution ceased in pre-history or that race is a social construct?


Theo, drop it.

Too many unknowns to be making blanket statements about Those People or to decide that they shouldn't live among us or to not give groups of people the benefit of the doubt until a preponderance of evidence says otherwise.

The presence of a gene is not the same as the expression of a gene, and epigenetics is still too much of a mystery to nail anything down.

The last time we jumped to conclusions about science and race we got Eugenics, in forms ranging from merely wicked to super-evil.

It's the culture, stupid. It's the fundamental assumptions that people make about what's what and what ought to be. The apocalyptic fantasies of ISIS and Iran's mullahs are far more influential on their behavior than an allele that may or may not be expressed. The fact that child sexual abuse (girls and boys) is common in many areas of the Muslim world is more germane than their DNA.

Be humane. People don't choose how they're raised. We shoot rabid dogs because they've contracted rabies, not because they were born with it.


I note that you haven't answered my questions, that you are now attributing views to me I've not expressed and that you are suggesting I am not humane. Additionally, you throw up the smokescreen of eugenics and make an oblique reference to the Nazis.

If our sex is not wholly a social construct and has a biological basis, then it is hardly implausible that race is similar.

Rich Rostrom

I commented earlier. Is it in the spam bucket?

Rich Rostrom

Whoops! Now I see it.


Well this here 'intersection' of 'social justice' and "education" is jolly isn't it.

Way to go to fail black students ensuring another generation of black people leave school at a disadvantage with which to blame on the racism of whitey. This is infuriating, I just wish more black people were angry about it.

Is it me or is this facilitation of the dumbing down of the curriculum (and promotion of retrograde ghetto culture) for black students part of a massive trend?



Ah, Freshverbal...that's nothing more pointing and laughing can't fix. After all, what else could we possibly do?


Don't you realise that this is where the new enlightenment will come from. By empowering "the youth" and transforming white supremacist standards of education and logic we are facilitating a new kind of Western civilization. An improvement on the dead white men of the past. Let me quote renowned philosopher Piddy Dawg

"Unh yea! Unh no nigga! Unh yea! No mans can laugh at me coz my crew gone uncheck you! Unh yea! White supremacy yea! Nigga don't stare! Yea! And I pull out my gatt, rat-tat brapp brrapp. Why must police always brutalize me. My Glock at da ready shaklack klack! Yea!"

Incredibly profound stuff I'm sure you will agree


This slow train has been approaching the station for many, many years. To call it out many years ago was paranoia and grounds for questioning the critics's rationality. Even today, one dare not bring it up in meat space even in context. Letting such concerns concern you can get you medication. Nothing to be seen here, so let's all just move along.. But I repeat myself.


As you quite rightly point out, people can criticise this deadly nonsense behind the anonymity of the internet but to raise these concerns in the real world is practically impossible. It is practically impossible even for a black man. Just look at the treatment of heretics like Bill Cosby or Trevor Phillips.

I grew up with many wonderful black friends and peers and do my best to gently and politely question the assumption that they are oppressed. I have lost a few friends in the process. But my un-anonymous critique consists of nothing more than gently pointing out that the UK's legal and cultural landscape is incredibly pc, tolerant, multiracial, multicultural and liberal. In fact I constantly point out that it is one of the most liberal and anti racist societies on planet earth and in history and that our police are a soft touch compared to majority black police forces anywhere in the world from Africa to Detroit so are they sure they really are oppressed?

As I said this has lost me some friends both black and white but I am doing nothing more than arguing for the good liberal, multicultural orthodoxy in the UK being evidence of progress.

I doubt I would still be friends with anyone if I began honestly critiquing hyper masculine ghetto culture or quoting black crime rates with regards to police attention on young black men and their subsequent incarceration rates.

It's one thing to sing the praises of liberal Western democracy but to criticise black people and culture and suggest personal responsibility as opposed to blaming the invisible oppression of the white man is unthinkable.

Even if you are saying these things because you genuinely care about black people, even if you are black and saying these things because you care so much it hurts. It's unsayable, unthinkable...... It's thought crime and you will be punished


The data for the Add Health [survey] is largely self-reported

That struck me as telling.

How come it's not known as the "honesty and self-awareness" gene? ;-)


Yes. But it's not limited to black/white, it is also male/female, public educator/taxpayer, union/right-to-work, etc., though at a lower intensity.

Though at base, such is simply human society trying to be functional. One can find it in conservative US political infighting as well. The scary part is we (should) know so much more today, education is much more widely distributed. The potential for breaking the cycle has never been so great. Yet we have before us a PC tribalism that is insulated from thinking and dealing with the problem thanks to the very education system that makes the aforementioned potential possible. Which itself becomes a feedback loop to create an Orwellian society.

Kudos to you for not breing afraid to broach the subject. It's a very, very fine line twixt getting the point across and being dismissed as either an asshole or a fool.


Why do ‘racial justice’ warriors sound just like good old-fashioned racists?

Not entirely unrelated.


Thank you.

I think it is a highly effective tactic -when critiquing assertions about systemic racism and white supremacy/privilege- to merely focus on the sheer historically unheard of levels of tolerance and liberalism in the West. Rather than start treading the precarious waters of crime rates, ghetto culture and or immigration.

It really is difficult for anyone to assert that the British police and peoples are uniquely oppressive and bigoted to non white people when it is patently obvious that the British police and legal system is one of the gentlest in the world and in history.

Unless they are willing to argue that they think they would be safer, more prosperous and freer from the dangers of state sponsored violence -and or the random violence of civilians- on the streets of Caracas, Cairo or Cape Town than they would be in Camden or Chigwell they really don't have a legitimate claim to being uniquely oppressed and persecuted by British society.

If the alternatives to oppression are worse it really isn't oppression is it?

If the UK were truly that racist and oppressive surely our black neighbours should be clamouring to move to Africa or the Middle East yet the opposite is true. People in Africa and the ME want in to our societies and hardly any Western people of colour want out.

I'm not sure but I would hazard a guess that white emigration surpasses black emigration by a wide margin. If that is the case, how could that be if the West is set up to crush black people and reward white people? If that were the case it would be idiocy for white people to leave and masochism for black people to stay.

Anyway just focusing on the question of whether one would prefer their son to be stopped and searched by a white unarmed officer of the MET or an armed black officer in Detroit or by Harare's finest, that usually opens up a chink in the "systemic oppression" narrative. This can be done without putting one in the cross-hairs for an erroneous accusation of racism.


I saw that one earlier David. In fact a large proportion of the unambiguous acts of out and out racism and sexism which I have seen circulating on social media over the past few years have turned out to have been instigated by social justice warriors trying to "raise awareness"

There just aren't enough racists to meet demand

Tim Newman

Why do 'racial justice' warriors sound just like good old-fashioned racists?

Recently I've wondered whether the worst, most bigotted racist bastards in the USA who want to see blacks disenfranchised, humiliated, and doomed to remain an underclass forever could have come up with a more effective strategy than the current combination of education, welfare, and drug laws. I doubt it.

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