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March 08, 2015



Stunning. More please.


Wow. Beautiful.

R. Sherman

Beautiful. Though I did suffer a pulmonary edema just watching the last thirty seconds.

Steve 2: Steveageddon

David - off topic, but I know you're a big Laurie Penny fan.

Apparently her new hobbies include all-you-can-eat buffets, and dressing like a 1970's pimp

She looks like Jonah Hill!


"Professional Feminist"? And an official BBC byline? Am I living in some kind of Bizarro World alternate reality?


Steve, pretty sure that's not Laurie. It's Leonard from The Big Bang Theory: http://coolspotters.com/files/photos/718528/leonard-hofstadter-profile.jpg


Steve, pretty sure that’s not Laurie.

No, it isn’t, but you can sort of see how the mistake might happen. And I confess to chuckling at the fact that Laurie has had to point this out to various people several times over the last few weeks.


That picture gave me a good chuckle.

Does anyone else get horrible stuttering when watching that clip in HD? (chrome). It's not like my machine is a wimp...

Jeff Wood

Jimmy, yes. What I did was hit the Pause button and watch the grey line grow. When it had reached the halfway point, I clicked Play. Superb film.

On t'Tube, I often get a freeze ten seconds in. I have learned to Reload/refresh the page which usually fixes the problem at once.

I have a Tube movie to offer, from an event I attended a few weeks ago:


Full screen. A virtual pint to all who can identify the large lady; and don't miss La Signorina Italia performing the world's most spectacular Rhumba.


Thank you Mr T. After a day of the usual workplace idiocies that short journey was quite refreshing.


Wait, Penny talks to Roosh? I thought we had agreed that was rape?

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