Insert Coin for Dancing Monkey (2)

Friday Ephemera

Ultrasound for the blind. // Mud brick high-rise, Yemen. // Jack Kirby spreads. See Big Barda’s giant nutcrackers. // Cubes of food. // TypeDrummer. // Jetpacks over Dubai. // A catheter’s journey. // Iron Panda. // Those floaty things in your eyes. (h/t, MeFi) // How to fold a T-shirt. // “You can actually, physically, press her breasts together.” // Bach’s crab canon on a Möbius strip. (h/t, Randall) // Lollipops of note. // Chinese crowd shots. // Sandwich knife of note. // Van Gogh, animated. // Gravity. // It’s an advert for gardening. // The chemistry of gin. // 100,000 stars. // 20. // Tornado versus rainbow. // “I was told she wouldn’t live long so I set about filming her every day.” // SwimFin. // Sky Sharks. // And finally, via Ted, an underground bee mishap of note.