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Dog uses human toilet better than many children. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) // At last, the suppository slingshot. // Chinese art teacher builds own full-size Hulkbuster. // Incoming. // It’s all kicking off in Lego city. // Attention, sexy ladies: “For Skype date nights, I recommend going for a minimal, but semi-glam look.” (h/t, Insty) // Foetal development. // The international flag of planet Earth. // The untold story of Industrial Light & Magic. // Monsters from Mars. // The museum of pocket calculating devices. (h/t, Coudal) // A visit to a Tokyo stationery shop. // Trek gnomes. // The news, summarised in gifs. // Police sketches alongside actual mugshots. // Baby bees. // The Bluetooth-enabled KFC Tray Typer. // And finally, from sodding to bollocks, how to swear like a Brit.



Police sketches alongside actual mugshots

Tired of living in Mario's shadow, Luigi takes to a life of petty crime.


If your Skype date doesn't like your make-up, is it rape ?



What the...? WHAT?!


from sodding to bollocks

Now I can swear like the Queen of England.


Police sketches alongside actual mugshots.

I fear this one isn’t entirely successful.

Oh, and speaking as we were of attempts to trim the troughing of taxpayer-funded artists, it seems the artists are now angry and fighting back.


Dog uses human toilet better than many children.

I've emailed that to my kids.


Dog uses human toilet better than many children.

And many boyfriends.


The Bluetooth-enabled KFC Tray Typer.

It took me a minute to realize it wasn't a spoof. :-)


It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t a spoof.

I suppose if you feel compelled to fondle your phone while eating it’s not a bad idea. Also it may help take your mind off the KFC, which could be its greatest virtue.

Actually, I tend to carry lens wipes, which are perfect for phone polishing. This does of course invite mockery, not least from The Other Half, but it can pay off – say, in the cinema when you discover that, thanks to a previous user, your IMAX 3D glasses have cheese nacho residue on them and you get to say, rather triumphantly, “Aha! I have just the thing.”

You wish you had my life.


For those with an hour to spare, here’s Gavin McInnes attempting to squeeze coherence out of social justice scold Heather Marie Scholl.

[ Added: There is some salty language. ]

Kevin B

I always thought that 'bloody' was a contraction of 'by our lady'. Apparantly that was a load of bollocks.

Speaking of which, does the loo flushing Rover have any? I think we should be told. After all, it put down both seats so if it still has its nadgers, perhaps it should hand them in forthwith.


here’s Gavin McInnes attempting to squeeze coherence out of social justice scold Heather Marie Scholl.

Brilliant. She judges men but only white men not Muslim men. She doesn't 'feel comfortable' judging them. And she thinks America is a 'white supremacist' country and so we should be more like Scandinavia where almost everyone is as white as it gets.




I suppose I should applaud Ms Scholl for taking part, though I don’t think she fares well in the exchange. But it does, I think, capture a dynamic that’s common among such people. There’s an air of assumed sophistication, of being intellectual, twinned with an inability to process factual correction or to resolve errors in logic. When prompted for more than the standard boilerplate, the usual begged questions, or when faced with the logical extension of her own “social justice” statements, about race, gender and “privilege,” she often seems confused and at one point is rendered silent for what feels like an eternity.

Much as Ms Scholl says she wants to have “messy” conversations with people who disagree politically, she doesn’t seem very skilled at it. I get the impression she’s much more accustomed to talking at people - people who basically agree - rather than arguing with people who can, and will, argue back.

Spiny Norman

it seems the artists are now angry and fighting back.

With jazz hands. Oh noes, Abbott's in trouble now!

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Test drive mishap of note


I thought the guy [the customer] was a bit strange, but you can't judge a book by its cover.

Last time I checked, books don't choose their own covers. People generally do, which is why judging by such covers as dress, make-up, posture, tattoos, bling, etc. is often fully justified.

I wonder if the test-driver will be buying the car, or whether he's judgement-proof...


"your IMAX 3D glasses "... Did you see Mad Max in 3D? I was rather impressed!


Did you see Mad Max in 3D?

No, not really my kind of thing.


. . . your IMAX 3D glasses . . .

But David . . . 3D?


The cinenmatography, stunts and chases are very well done. The "plot" is paper thin, and Tom Hardy says about 9 words...
The Sand storm scene and the car crash at the end are worth seeing as non 3D just won't "WOW".
I honestly wasn't expecting to like it, but I was more impressed than expected.


. . . and Tom Hardy says about 9 words...

Oh, no, no, he's got at least 36. Granted, about eighteen of 'em are in the opening narration . . .


What did you think ? Did you see it in 3D?


What did you think ? Did you see it in 3D?

Oh, I only saw The Hobbit, An Unfortunate Train Wreck in 3D because that was the only version available to allow assessing the 48 frames per second projection. Contrary to the anguished howls from whomever was objecting, 48 FPS looked perfectly fine. In the meantime, I never did figure out why Jackson thought that a good idea was to shoehorn into Tolkien the entire underground mine chase sequence from Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom.

So, when making a movie, Just Make The Damn Movie. Hipster scale gimmicks such as 3D ain't gonna salvage anything . . . .

For Mad Max . . . .

What came to mind by rather early on in the movie, is that back a few years John Carpenter made a quite fascinating documentary called Escape From New York, and then a few years after that got talked into doing an all out parody called Escape From L.A.. Pretty much the entirety of the latter consisted of HEY LET'S MAKE A REAL COOL MOVIE CALLED ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK oh it's already been done, well mebbe if we go really stupid this time.

Around the same general time, there was The Road Warrior, and then a few years later Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome . . . and then thirty something years later, I'm sitting in a theatre, watching extremely high level, extremely modern technological mechanical vehicular engineering taking place in what is supposed to be a post nuclear and economic holocaust and collapse of all society---with no more electricity and no more gasoline---, and being reminded of Escape From L.A.

One bare bit to support things is that if one goes digging about online, one manages to find that the heavies are considered to be supplying themselves from a nearby, apparently Mall Of America scale shopping mall, that has to have included a lot of car dealers, that got forgotten and buried in sand . . . but that's equally buried backstory that never gets to the screen. In turn, one review did state something of MMFR being just another, and therefore boring, road chase movie, but that bit in the far desert where Max proposes a completely different combat tactic---no I'm not stating what---does rather separate MMFR from its predecessors and from mere chase movies . . .

Sooooo . . all in all, I doubt I'll add it to my collection or go see it again, and will note to viewers to not bother with any economic or logistical analysis at all. I will recommend to do just go in to see people doing stuff, where of all the stuff that all the people do, they go do the voodoo that they do really, really, really, really, really well . . . . . .

Yeah, that's one really there for each wife.---movie detail, that.


Connor: "What the...? WHAT?!"

Cheetah speed....it's overrated!


I saw Mad Max FR last night. Two observations:

1) The feminist meme is as subtle as a brick to the head.
2) After an hour its gets really boring

I was seriously not impressed. Had I not ponied up £20 for an IMAX seat, I would have left early.

sackcloth and ashes

'from sodding to bollocks'.

I'm sorry, but if you are going to swear British-style, you have to use one word that unites us all from the Scillies to the Orkneys, and which also links us with the Irish on both sides of 1922 partition line. And that is the word 'cunt'.

Or, if you're Irish, 'cont'.

Now this term depends a lot on inflection. I have heard it used as a mild rebuke ('you silly cunt') and also as a declaration of war ('YOU FUCKING CUNT!!!!'). But it is a peculiarly British Isles insult.

A couple of years back some academic type tried to claim that it was a misogynistic slur that symbolised man's hatred towards women. The strange thing is that the French version ('con') is so mild that it featured in a film poster. The Spanish variant ('cono') is a bit stronger, but still a long way off.

And as for the Anglosphere the Americans, Canadians, Ozzies and Kiwis really don't appear to use it that much. Furthermore, if an American says 'cunt' it's always nasty (as Kinky Friedman observed), whereas there are degrees of emphasis for a Brit.

The Saffers do say 'kont'. But it means 'arse'.


The international flag of planet Earth.

I hate it. ;-)

More seriously I recently got 'round to watching Interstellar, and even though I'm not an American, I actually liked that they where using US flags, and I've always kind of liked the SG: Atlantis policy of everyone wearing their own nation's national flags on their shoulders.


Angry Joe liked it and I agree with him


Any film that makes me verbalise is a good one in my book and I was going ouch all the time! Also agree with him what feminism? Everyone who survives is badass, eveyone who doesn't is victim.

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