Such Details Are Beneath Her
Elsewhere (164)

Friday Ephemera

“Because love is forever!” // Smart collar for dogs. // Brain-controlled bionic leg. // There are duck lanes in London. // Star Trek-inspired office building of note. // That holiday in Iceland you’ve been planning. // How to prolong battery life. // Belly paint. // Rihanna farts in a bath. // Giant strawberry. // Tasty hedge. // Stayin’ Alive. // How to make gummi Lego. // Wet-fold origami animals. // An interactive global map of meteorite falls. // Interactive pixelated fur pompoms. // Cruise ships from above. // “Masturbating men will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife.” Don’t question Islamic science. // Smartphone screen-to-body ratios. // Retro-ironic gaming cabinet of note. // Hurdler. // Dad interventions. // And finally, fiercely, drag queen Storm versus drag queen Dark Phoenix