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Friday Ephemera

Start your day with Hasselhoff. (h/t, ac1) // Homemade robots on a budget. // Assorted botanical mazes. // Chicago building age map. (h/t, Coudal) // Johnny Cash machines. // Kaleidoscopic Tokyo. // Add lots of ‘fucks’ to your favourite web sites. // At last, swerving bullets. // Bunkers. // Because you’ve always wanted big, slanting ice cubes. // Animals with cameras. // Old London. // More cardboard sculptures. // Modern drama. // Dogs with their tongues sticking out a little. // It’s a tough tongue to master. // This is one of these. // Virtual aquarium. // Play with gravity. // Promotional ephemera from You Only Live Twice. (1967) // Pretend you have friends. // Tiny food. // 19th century seal fur G-string of note. (h/t, Randall) // And finally, golfing just got extreme, dude. 



Johnny Cash machines.

So Steve Jobs died in 2011, Johnny Cash died in 2003, and Bob Hope also died in 2003 . . . . Thus leaving us all with no Jobs, no Cash, and no Hope . . .


Pretend you have friends.

Meh. A narcisstick by any other name . . . . .


Add lots of ‘fucks’ to your favourite web sites.

Elsewhar (160)

Jedidiah Will on th' dysfunckshuns of academia:


Modern drama.

Reminded me of Official Meeting Facilities Guide magazine, that did . . .

Dave M

I got your ephemera right here buddy


Elizabethan fashion made to order. "Wisks, Rebatos, Underproppers & Supportasses."



“Wisks, Rebatos, Underproppers & Supportasses.”

In my ignorance, I imagined supportasses as something else entirely.


"narcisstick" - heh that's perfect.


Well, in my ignorance, ditto underproppers.

Clearly a device for propelling one's secondary sexual characteristics into a prospective partner's field of view, I would have said.


ditto underproppers.

Yes, I was picturing some kind of cantilever device. Not for long, you understand.

sackcloth and ashes

'Add lots of ‘fucks’ to your favourite web sites'.

Or indeed to the titles of your favourite children's books:


I do like #13.


Oh, now this shit I can relate to:

Premier support for Java FUCKING SE maximizes the value of your existing Java fucking investment, reduces your IT fucking management costs, and enables business continuity the fuck by allowing you to fucking take control of your enterprise Java environment. Java SE Support protects your fucking business infrastructure and address fucking regulatory compliance and security fucking requirements to minimize the business impact of downtime.

Could use some f'n enhancement though. Seems you could throw some shit in there and liven it up even more. Ooh, it works on historical documents as well:



We the People of the United States, in Order to fucking form a more perfect Fucking Union, establish Fucking Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, fucking provide for the common fucking defence, promote the fucking general Welfare, and secure the Fucking Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, fucking do ordain and establish this Fucking Constitution for the United States of Fucking America.

Or for you guys over der:

Edward by the grace of Fucking God King of England, fucking lord of Ireland and duke of Aquitaine sends fucking greetings to all to whom the fucking present letters come. We have fucking inspected the great charter of the lord Henry, late King of Fucking England, our father, concerning the liberties of England in these fucking words:

...pardon my french.


Sackcloth and ashes

I can't help thinking #14 should be "Holy Fucking Shit a talking Lion".

sackcloth and ashes

@ Ray. Good point, well made.

'Promotional ephemera from 'You Only Live Twice''.

Of all the Bond films, this is my guilty pleasure. Yes, it's preposterous (007 disguises himself as a Japanese courtesy of a tan and a shit haircut), and it did send the franchise on the path that ultimately led to 'Moonraker' and 'Die Another Day', but I can't help enjoying it nonetheless.


courtesy of a tan and a shit haircut

Shit hair, yes, but a good lair.

And Little Nellie.

sackcloth and ashes

'Shit hair, yes, but a good lair.

And Little Nellie'.

Yes. And the ninjas in training and in battle. If you're going to use martial arts in a Bond film, that is how it's done (as opposed to 'The Man with the Golden Gun').

I also fell in love with Aki and Kissy Suzuki (or rather Akiko Wakabayashi and Mie Hama). Above all, their characters belie the smear (pandered by Theo Hobson amongst others) that the Bond films all demeaned and belittled women. Aki twice saves 007 with her driving, and Kissy's efforts in rallying Tanaka's ninjas would make an SBS or SEAL operative's jaw drop.

And I can't get enough of her in that white bikini.



I do like #13.

Oh, why stop at just the title?

sackcloth and ashes

'Wow, Snowy! That lady has a penis!'


OOPS! I have been wearing my seal fur as a hat all winter.


Good analysis:
"I’ve noticed that the media’s concern for “firsts” seems a little lacking when the “first” is a Republican. Considering the media’s fixation on race and racism, it’s a little odd that they aren’t more interested in the one and a half Hispanics now running for president—Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. But they’re Republicans, and while I fully expect the media soon to ask if they’re too brown for the GOP, they will never portray either of them as racial trailblazers struggling against bigotry the way Obama was portrayed during his two presidential campaigns."

from here:


Johnny Cash machines.

So Steve Jobs died in 2011, Johnny Cash died in 2003, and Bob Hope also died in 2003 . . . . Thus leaving us all with no Jobs, no Cash, and no Hope . . .

Posted by: Hal | May 01, 2015 at 03:28

Thank god Frank Balz is still alive.


love the Old London film with the side-by-side shots of modern London.

I'm looking at film in the late 1800's to early 1900's and realizing that it is probably a very dirty city (horses, coal heating, etc) but the men & women are dressed in suits and long multi-layered dresses ... and all the hats!

Then the side by side with a cleaner, brighter more modern London with people dressed in jeans and tennis shoes.

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