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Ode to Snowflakes



No corn flakes tomorrow.


This detail was rather lovely: “The suspect has dry feet because of diabetes and… has trays in her room with the same kind of dead skin shavings that had come off of her feet.” Yes, she collects her own dead feet skin. In trays. To put in people’s drinks.

I’ve often thought that acts of malice are one of the few areas where you can really count on people to be imaginative.


First Bruce Jenner and now Gary Busey. Why can't people just be happy with the way God made them?


Bringing a whole new meaning to Putting your foot into it . . .


Now, Billy, it's not polite to kick your mother in the head.


Shouldn't her name be Schreck?

R. Sherman

Between stories like this and your occasional forays into the world of "performance art," David, I'm starting to lose the will to live.

R. Sherman



No imagination. She could have tried passing off the scrapings from underneath her toenails as parmesan.


I'll get your for this, David...I swear to gawd!!!

Ulp...I think I'm gonna hurl...!!!!

You're all dead...!!!



Not at all related, but somebody has to post it:



*looks at lazy offspring*

*feels rising irritation*

*notes that skin on feet has been feeling very rough*

*must ... resist ... temptation*

b moe

The Guardian has found someone who misses pornography with a good plot and complex theme like "Deep Throat".


I guess that explains how folks like Adam Sandler and Will Ferrell get to make movies.


I've just spent 10 minutes unsuccessfully trying to find a Blackadder Youtube clip of Baldrick offering to make coffee for Captain Darling.

Curse you Mr Thompson

Quint&Jessel, Sea of Azof, Bly, UK

I'm ignoring the article. And I despise Sally Kohn and her actually immeasurable stupidity.


Well, what Sally tweeted was this ...

Forgot my wallet. MTA officer let me on subway for free.
#classprivilege #whiteprivilege

... Anything, you see, except gentlemanly behavior, or, dread thought, #femaleprivilege.

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