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June 25, 2015



For an Oxbridge grad she doesn't seem to grasp the meaning of 'mandatory' which is rather sad, and worrying.

Taxes are mandatory, unless you prefer jail, death is mandatory, no get out for that one yet as far as I know, Facebook on the other hand is not 'mandatory' in any meangingful way. From what I understand, if the people commenting on it are commenting correctly Facebook actually seems to be dying a slow death as the younger generation scurries off to the new bright young social things - Snapchat and WhatsApp.


"I literally miss 75% of parties I am invited to because I don't have a Facebook account."


Oh cruel world.


Makes itself desirable, attractive, convenient, yes. Any more than this we do ourselves.

Not that I would expect a lefty journo to understand such subtlety of language or socially constructed narratives...


But life without Facebook isn’t worth living.

I hear that in the post-capitalist utopia Facebook won't have any terms and conditions.


Oh cruel world.

But no, don’t laugh. The children are our future.


"I literally miss 75% of parties I am invited to because I don't have a Facebook account."

I have friends who are not on Facebook. If I want them to come to an event, I contact them though other means (email, text, phonecall, letter, carrier-pigeon, singing telgram or even, horror, popping round to see them). If people aren't bothering to do that, perhaps thre's some conclusion that could be drawn...


What a pathetic creature. The internet is vast, she will survive.


But life without Facebook isn’t worth living.

Did you see she managed to squeeze in a Harvard reference without actually using the "H" word too?

    well- the full-time college course I attended this year was organised partly through FB. Would have been impossible without.

Plus it isn't mandatory, as a friend of mine on there certainly doesn't have the Christian name 'Diego'.

Kevin B

So is this mandatory facebook thing a new policy instituted by our beloved Theresa May as part of her 'nothing to hide, nothing to fear' initiative?

I only ask because I wouldn't put it past our esteemed 'conservative' leaders to slip it through in some enabling legislation somewhere. And since I'm not on any social media, I may have missed the announcement.


Fear not, Laurie fans. The panic is over.


Is there any evidence the 'H' course has improved her output in any discernible way? Did she complete it? Was there an exam? Did she pass?


a fearless feminist warrior, a Wadham College “riot girl,” a communist, a revolutionary, a self-described “rebel” and “troublemaker.”

The revolution will not be televised. Apparently it will be on Facebook.


#First World Problems

David Gillies

Next up: Penny Dreadful's take on how Farmville is a searing indictment of Monsanto's hegemonic grip on agricultural workers in the Third World.

Watcher In The Dark

Ms Penny still hasn't come to terms with the fact that Twitter contains the word "twit."


People don’t understand… how the company makes itself mandatory

Translation: "It's Facebook's fault I can't do without Facebook."


Rather ironic, since Red Penny wants to make her opinions mandatory.


Translation: “It’s Facebook’s fault I can’t do without Facebook.”

Pretty much. But then Laurie makes a living out of displacing responsibility.

Quint&Jessel, Sea of Azof, Bly, UK

Poor thing. We shouldn't point and laugh at her; it must be so difficult living with naught but cotton candy within her skull.


"Rather ironic, since Red Penny wants to make her opinions mandatory."

Well, the left's whole schtick goes something like this:

We are normal people.
We have no self-control.
Therefore nobody has self-control.
We are good, caring people.
Therefore we should be the ones to exercise control over others for their own good.


I'm just surprised that LP lowers herself to use Facebook in the first place. Horrible private commerce and all that. I bet she uses a device made by some capitalist scumbags to access it, too. Whither your principles, fearless foe of capitalism?

The fact that zero alternatives to Facebook or the Samsung Galaxy have been created by the socialist superbrains who deign to live among us speaks volumes. Much easier to piggyback on the achievements of others whilst bitching about them, I guess.


"People don't understand how a third bag of Quavers makes itself mandatory."


“People don’t understand how a third bag of Quavers makes itself mandatory.”

See also: beer, scratch cards, betting shop, gratuitous shoe purchases, etc.


“People don’t understand how a third bag of Quavers makes itself mandatory.”

Not coincidentally, a certain leftwing newspaper regularly endorses attitudes like Laurie’s. Every couple of weeks a Guardian columnist is telling us how we’re all the helpless dupes of evil corporations, or capitalism, or peer pressure, or some dark and mysterious force that supposedly compels everyone to make choices they regret but keep on making.

Tanya Gold, for instance, blamed her alcoholism (and overeating and smoking) on capitalism, advertising and supermarket discounts – and on dieting, pornography and glossy magazines - everything except her own choices and incontinence. The basic theme is “capitalism made me fat.” Followed by “capitalism made me anxious about being fat.” Followed by “tax such-and-such to buggery and then I’ll be thin.”


Facebook is so yesterday. I just signed up on Arsepage. Funny though, everyone's photo looks the same.


I literally miss 75% of parties I am invited to because I don't have a Facebook account

That is a peculiar remark.

How is he invited, then? I mean assuming normal logic these invites - if real - can't have been coming via facebook. Sooo... is he still accepting them but the venues are subject to change by agreement on FB at any time, so he misses the party?

Or does his lack of a facebook a/c in some way stop him accepting invites that arrived via email, phone? What happens between him accepting these "invites" and then not being able to attend?

Or was he "ambiently invited"? He might have been, knowing this lot. It could be an Oxford student version of "invited" which matches the rest of their reality


@PennyRed So now FB decides what is an 'authentic identity.'

Gosh, watch out Facebook... You're committing a cardinal sin.


I suspect that "being invited to a party" means "being notified that a party is occurring".


Horrible stuff, self-submitted dossier system. Wouldn't touch it.


And yes, Ms. May does appear to be "a real piece of work", as the saying has it.

Have fun, UK.

Richard Powell

Tanya Gold seems to have left the Guardian for the reputedly better-paying Sunday Times. Her stuff has suddenly become much more sensible - maybe because she aims to give the readers what they want, or perhaps a peer group effect is in play.

Lancastrian Oik

Tanya Gold has been "The Spectator"'s restaurant critic for the last few years, which makes that anti-materialistic guff she wrote for "The Guardian" look even more ridiculous- if that were possible.


Eleventh comment down is from Johnny Rotten. Or is is a fake account? And is that why he's telling her to stick to Twitter? Oh I'm so confused. Help!

Paul Nottingham

So did Miss Barnett have to use her real name?


I heard Gina McCarthy (Our EPA's Administrator with a penchant for Miss Marple outfits) actually say "These decisions are NOT going to be made by DENIERS! They're going to be made by NORMAL PEOPLE like me and you."

Glad to hear it's not personal, Gina.

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