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I am trying to raise the tone here......

Cross my heart.


Does Ant-man have a theme song? Every good hero needs a theme.

Any side-kicks, BTW? No? Good, they're a PITA.


. . . . let me set things rolling with this.



The kids these days call it "gettin' rekt" (wrecked)

trigger warning: 'your mom' joke

Chester Draws

Coming to a Statistics Department near you:


The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel:">">


[i]Coming to a Statistics Department near you:[/i]

What pisses me off is that this conflates gender and biological sex. Haven't they heard of gender-fluidity? Obviously it's now just a matter of preference whether or not I'm a man, woman, or 'other' on any given day.


Satan bird.


Sadly, I didn’t have time to compile the usual smattering of oddments




Guardian economics.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Monday was the birthday of Oscar-winning composer Ernest Gold.


>Coming to a Statistics Department near you

Does that mean that you can't ban men from the pool/gym on misandry nights?

Col. Milquetoast

Superhero nicknames :
Superman = Supes
Spider-man = Spidey
Wolverine = Wolvie
Antman = Aunty



If you fancy visiting Japan, here's a helpful Video Guide.


Meyers Briggs with cats.


Critical art criticism critiquing.



"I am trying to raise the tone here......" is crap?



Guardian economics.

Oh dear. I’m never quite sure if Mr Milne is staggeringly ignorant or just lying through his teeth.

And I see Paul Mason is off his meds again.


Enjoy the movie.


By the way, I thought Ant-Man was a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours. It’s a little slow at first and slightly underwhelming, but picks up later. There’s an entertaining fight scene in a small girl’s bedroom and an excellent gag involving a massively enlarged key fob. And the ‘de-ageing’ effect used on Michael Douglas in a flashback scene was eerily convincing.


And I see Paul Mason is off his meds again.

Technology + magic unicorns = end of capitalism.


Technology + magic unicorns = end of capitalism.

It’s the Rapture for pathetic middle-aged Trots who still miss their days in the student union bar.


Re: Catzooka. I can think of much better things to use a hand-held Replicator on. Gold. Monica Belucci. Food (though I suppose the cats could qualify as that in some parts of the world).

R. Sherman

A public service.


Mojo, ant-man's side kick was the wasp. He controlled her ability to shrink and gain gossamer wings. She was very annoying, always trying to marry him. Later, he became giant-man, but wasp didn't become big-girl, or something like that, she was still the wasp. Not a great duo.

Surreptitious Evil

I don't actually know a rude enough word to describe that Mason article. And I used to be a sailor.

R. Sherman

Re: The Mason article.

Among many jaw-droppingly stupid assertions, we have this: ". . . [I]nformation is corroding the market’s ability to form prices correctly."

WTF does that mean? In any voluntary exchange, the price is what it is. It is--by definition--correct, even if one party doesn't like it. Further, information--for example web shopping for cars--allows consumers to get a better deal than they might otherwise without the information. That's a good thing, unless Mason believes we should all have to pay what a seller demands.

I good go on, but jeez louise in a chicken basket, Mason's a piece of work.


Berkeley Breathed is back in the saddle.

His latest is he explains, is

nicely out of reach of nervous newspaper editors, the PC humor police now rampant across the web… and ISIS. To wit… I spent an hour a few years ago, discussing that sketch of a Burqini with the publisher of the Washington Post (while standing in the produce section of my Santa Barbara Trader Joes.) We--this is true--negotiated the style of her hair. That strand sticking out. As it might offend muslims. Because the Muslim staffers in his office were offended. So we came to an agreement as to how much hair could be sticking out and how messy it looked.

I quit cartooning for good two months later. Yes, these two little events were organically connected. I’ll never get that happy little hour of happy TJ’s shopping back.”

So that's some good news. If he's mostly taking on the SJWs the way Jerry Seinfeld has been, the fireworks should be SPECTACULAR.


Piercing of note:


"Satan bird"

Magpie, I believe.


Technology + magic unicorns = end of capitalism.

Regarding Mr Mason’s sloppy, demented article, Tim Worstall identifies one of its many errors. I also like the phrase “the panting fantasies of some frotting Teenage Trot,” which captures the tone of it. And remember, Mr Mason is a fifty-something adult and the economics editor of Channel 4 News. This, apparently, is his area of expertise.


And I see Paul Mason is off his meds again.

Next: Paul Mason demands that the NHS is broken up and replaced by a large number of small, local, voluntary, healthcare providers.........(tumbleweed)....


And I see Paul Mason is off his meds again.

"a new kind of human being"

There's your problem.


There’s your problem.

For the Mr Masons of the world, it always is. If only they could get in there and fix us.


New Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon and Is Better for You Than Kale


More artistic commentary. Watch the spell check, or lack.

I sneeze in threes

"Cultural appropriation is doomed to go out of fashion, Sinclair believes. “Stupidity and ignorance never last in the face of reasoned arguments.”"


More from Sinclair: "People don’t understand how degrading it is to have a sacred object within a culture stolen and appropriated and misused in an inappropriate setting."

I feel his pain.


Bach's Cantata 147 on a mile-long xylophone.

Spiny Norman


Berkeley Breathed is back in the saddle.

Okay, now I have a reason to keep my Facebook page. That is very good news.


. . . Sinclair believes. “Stupidity and ignorance never last in the face of reasoned arguments.”"

Oh, hipsters always last in the face of reasoned arguments, that's why adults just move around 'em, or through 'em---like throwing 'em 'em out of music festivals when they show up with someone else's clothing.

Graham Greene has the shorter and better argument.

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