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August 14, 2015



Found in the twitter link on tube drivers

@Jessica Valenti

Thanks to those who pointed out that "sausage fest" is transphobic. Tweet deleted with apologies; it was unthinking & insensitive.

I get it, Jessica, you hate life.


The secret Google searches of Commander Riker.

I know people where everyone else would be better off with ketracel white brownie recipe having been fed to those . . ah . . people . . .

Where gummi bears roam.

. . . and then when looking at the surrounding details, Oh, My, that's a sidewalk access outdoor swimming pool . . .


it turns out there’s a thing that people do called butt lips.

Impressed by the bubble gum.


I get it, Jessica, you hate life.

She does seem to spend an awful lot of time being needlessly upset about things, or pretending to be, anyway. But that’s the thing about ‘progressive’ piety. One’s status has to be signalled continually, incongruously, and on a hair-trigger basis. It’s terribly competitive.


If you’re squeamish, look away now.


If you’re squeamish, look away now.

Oh God. Can't unsee.


Oh God. Can’t unsee.

From time to time, apparently, it does happen.


I'm surprised the bone didn't burst through the skin when he fell back on it. Overall he seems to be handling it well.


The secret Google searches of Commander Riker.

"transporter nipple shrinkage"


transporter nipple shrinkage

I like that some of them conjure ideas for unseen episodes.


"how to erase holodeck history"

Jon Powers

I am to understand that the term "sausage fest" is transphobic? I'd have guessed misandrist. Just when I thought I was beginning to catch on.


I felt a sudden urge to share this.

I believe the ladies on the left work for a company called Hooters.

sackcloth and ashes

'Roger Moore in 'Spectre''.

'For Your Eyes Only' was on last night, so I got the chance to watch it again for the first time in yonks.

I was quite surprised to be reminded that it had

(1) A believable plot based on contemporary power politics (the KGB and their proxies being the villains).

(2) Almost no gadgets at all.

(3) A villain who wasn't a megalomaniac with plans to blow up the world, and henchmen who didn't have metal teeth/prosthetic hands.

(4) Some gripping action sequences.

(5) Very few childish jokes (OK, so Margaret Thatcher does phone-flirting with a parrot, but we've got nothing akin to the motorised gondola or the Kung Fu schoolgirls), and

(6) A performance by Roger Moore that didn't induce nausea. In fact, I'd go as far as to say he was pretty good.


In fact, I’d go as far as to say he was pretty good.

I’m assuming you were pleasantly drunk at the time. Which in fairness is the only way to watch a Roger Moore Bond film.


I found this via Franklin’s Twitter feed.


I am to understand that the term "sausage fest" is transphobic? I'd have guessed misandrist.
Misandrist is ok. Unless the victim is a woman who thinks that she's a man, if I understand things correctly.


US Government "business" travel expense reimbursement in July 1969: $33.31.

Note that the middle step is a doozy . . . .


When wet, raccoon hands are very sensitive. They can damn near taste with them.


"how to erase holodeck history"



"How to erase holodeck history."

That was also the one that jumped out at me.

Well, that, and holodeck/settings/pubic hair

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