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August 28, 2015



A hashtag devoted to animal’s genitals.

That takes balls.

I denounce the cultural appropriation.

No more Mr. Nice guy.

Cat purr noise generator.

Ohhh, Niiice, or, Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr . . . . .


Off topic, but I hope ok enough in an ephemera post.
WTP if you are lurking.
Just getting back to thank you for your comments from about a week ago pointing me at the Post Modern Jukeboxes and upcoming performances that you thought may, at a guess, be in my neck of the woods.
Correct, with the Wellington performance this Sunday being the closest.

I actually had a fair crack at trying to pull this off but, being a two plane journey north, time and money got the better of things in the end.
For anyone interested, a couple of youtube links to the sort of thing I am not going to see.


Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

And finally, a bike horn rendition of Mambo No. 5.

This seems appropriate.

R. Sherman

Animals riding other animals is so old hat. I prefer a more modern take.


> Eight frying pan bottoms and one moon of Jupiter.

I'm going for middle-left.

(Look up some photos of Europa if you want to find out if I'm right)


TimP, so am I - middle left looks like the most convincing scratched frying pan impersonation of Europa to me.


12-year-old trips in gallery, causes $1.5 million in damage.

On the upside he didn't spill his drink.


Your children are in good hands.


Sadly, we will never know why someone called in Veronica... :(


Sadly, we will never know why someone called in Veronica...

Ah, I suspect the bods at Marvel and Disney have made their feelings known.


Your children are in good hands.

Good to know schools have done all the important things we actually pay them to do so they can now waste time pissing about.


Spiny Norman


From the link: "they left out the mandatory solo for car alarm..."



When a news story is "too good to check":

"Although St. Louis was the primary author of Hunt’s destruction, she had a pair of allies with whom she apparently plotted his takedown while in Seoul. They were her friends Deborah Blum and Ivan Oransky. Blum, a professor of journalism at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and occasional New York Times columnist, took to Twitter right away to back up her old friend, insisting that Hunt never praised women in science during his toast, that he was not joking when calling for segregated labs, and that his remarks had caused great offense to his hosts."

"Blum actually wrote: “The real point isn’t about individuals, isn’t about Tim Hunt…The real point is that telling a roomful of female scientists that they aren’t really welcome in a male-run laboratory is the sound of a slamming door. The real point is that to pry open that door means change. And change is hard, uncomfortable, and necessary.” Quite apart from Blum’s dishonesty—Hunt didn’t say anything of the sort, and the room was full of science writers not scientists—the ruthlessness of the statement is astonishing. For Blum, Hunt is a necessary sacrifice, an egg that needs to be broken for the cause."



Sadly, we will never know why someone called in Veronica...

Ah, I suspect the bods at Marvel and Disney have made their feelings known.

Well, there is another.

Or do you mean why Veronica rather than why call in Veronica?


MIT has journalism professors? Why?

Patrick Brown

On the subject of bike horns:



On the subject of bike horns

Works for me.


MIT has journalism professors? Why?

Ehn. Real students do research, and the other students run the journals to publish the research?


This is too good not to post up here...

Bryce Williams linked to #gamergate

God-like trolling of grotesquely credulous news media.

Hint... the guy in the video is Sam Hyde


Via AoSHQ, how they sharpen pencils in a factory and Unlearning bike-riding, a demo of the difference between cognition and muscle memory or book-larnin' vs. rehearsal larnin' (more precise than "knowledge" vs. "understanding").


I was rather impressed by this.


I was rather impressed by this.

I'm reminded of a story I ran across at some point. Someone in Australia wanted to do a totally proper Burns celebration, with all the bells and whistles, apparently with a very carefully put together home made haggis. The event occurred, the attendees gathered, the haggis was ceremoniously wheeled out for viewing, and then carefully sliced open for serving.

Oh, by the way, the haggis had been made in a pressure cooker.

The report is that the serving of the haggis to the entire room was instantaneous, uniform, and extensive.

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