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Genius. :-)


I quite like the, er, economy of it. There’s very little fat. I also like how Susan’s abbreviated verse now suggests she only intermittently remembers what it is she does for a living.


Similarly, but not really...


College roommate and I used to annoy people by doing this.


Mmmm. I'd forgotten just how gorgeous Phil Oakey is, or was. Thanks for the reminder :)

Sam Duncan

Is it wrong that I prefer this version?



Re: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1uVCvwhzctA

That Puddles is some performer.
Spent the best part of an afternoon chasing him around youtube.


A low-cut, strapless jazzy version by the Stella Starlight Trio.


I’d forgotten just how gorgeous Phil Oakey is, or was.

In 1981, while buying pens for school in a branch of WH Smith, I realised the chap in front of me in the queue was Mr Oakey of That Thar Human League. He seemed incredibly tall, largely due to the four-inch stiletto heels he was wearing.


David, a technical note. When you post videos, only the left-most three-quarters of it appears on an iPad. I can't even click to move to YouTube, because that button appears on the invisible right side. This doesn't happen at other sites. For example, the Fiamengo video appeared on Samizdata just fine.


David, a technical note…

That’s news to me. Is this a recent development? And is anyone else having this trouble?


I'm only talking about an iPad. The videos appear fine on my iMac.


I've noticed that problem on my iPad (mini) as well. I have noticed it on other sites, though off hand can't recall which. Also happens on my Samsung Note 3. I don't believe this started happening until about a month or so ago. But as I said, I don't think it's specific you your blog, though I am guessing there's a setting change you (and others...or perhaps Typepad) need to make. I'm guessing something standards-wise changed for mobile devices. I'm guessing there's someone on here more with their ear to the ground regarding mobile formatting who could provide more background.


Heh...checking back here, there's a lot of guessing in that post, I guess...

@RobAnzac, if you like Puddles, he does a good bit of work with Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox. Though if you've been searching around on Puddles, and his Pity Party, you probably ran across such. Saw PMJ in NYC last October. Was a good show and Puddles showed up to do Lordes' Royals. It was pretty good performance including comedic setup drama only the latter part of which was captured in this YouTube of that very night which you can see here:


I also like his version of Chandeliers.


Dom, on the iPad you should be able to expand embedded videos (even partially obscured ones) with a two-finger flick. It should open the video to full screen.


Not to beat a dead horse nor to play the fanboy (right)...if the name RobAnzac implies a Oceania location, PMJ will be in your 'hood in a couple weeks. Time being of the essence...


Jim Whyte

WTP and RobAnzac, I feel transformed. His lead gittarista is a f****** genius too.

Meanwhile at Small Dead Animals, they're doing a Maclean and Maclean festival this week:


Boy, those are some bad teeth.


Boy, those are some bad teeth.

As I recall of the stereotypes, Oh, y'mean they're English?


Ooh, I have a pop factoid.

Interviewed in 2010, the late Martin Rushent, producer of the Dare album, revealed that Susan’s vocal for Don’t You Want Me was assembled line by line and took a rather gruelling 60 takes to get right. After “hours and hours and hours” of failed attempts, with everyone getting fatigued and aggravated, the last missing line, the one used above, was finally caught on tape after the producer’s four-year-old son wandered into the studio wearing only wellingtons, lightening the mood and making Susan laugh.


This is simply fantastic. I've been walking around the house singing it.

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