Hefty Leather Buttons
Temptations of the Flesh

Friday Ephemera

Battleship probability calculator. // Cat eggs for breakfast. // Caffeinated shaving cream. // Cashless money box. // A brief history of modern art. // Nutcracker of note. // “How well do you know your toes?” // A global map of racial tolerance. // Enterprise-D VR headgear tour demo. Do the crew quarters have curtains? // Invisibility cloak. Hides particles, not people. // Raccoon earns her keep. // Donkey in a hammock. // Land’s End, from the makers of Monument Valley. // The lost tunnels of Liverpool. // Supersonic shock waves. // McDonald’s straws. // Speed chess. // Walther PPK rubber band gun. // Peek-a-boo fence. // Giant wooden megaphones “amplify the sounds of nature.” // And finally, cheerily, an interactive chart showing how many years you have left to live, probably.