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October 31, 2015



US only? Dammit.


Fear not:

We are in the process of making the service available in other countries.

Soon you’ll know what really happened to Mrs Wilson over at number 36.


Then there is "Body in Storage Unit"



RANCHO CUCAMONGA — A jury convicted a 31-year-old San Dimas woman on Friday of second-degree murder in the 1996 shooting of her husband, whose body was found stuffed in potting soil in an Upland storage unit.

31 years old, 1996 shooting of her husband?



The case is from 2000.

This gal only got caught because she let the $25/month storage fee lapse for 3 months. When she realized that all the contents had been sold, she tried to beg the unit owners to allow her to get some "remembrances and wedding things of the husband who had abandoned his family" for her kids.

(I'll never forget this case -- I work for the office that prosecuted it)


Contender for best Halloween costume?


Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA


I vote for this.

Or maybe this.


unsolved murders, serial killing, meth lab mishaps, ladies belatedly found in chimneys, and decomposing occupants who did not in fact “move to Mexico.”

Guild of Evil?


Ah...my bad. Should have noticed the date. I hope she's still being taken care of, iykwim.

John D

I like this one.


Elephants Gerald

cutest one I've seen so far



"This gal only got caught because she let the $25/month storage fee lapse for 3 months."

Yikes! I thought the worst that could happen was that Sean Kelly showing up to laugh at your belongings on TV....


"The 75 year old woman was an extreme hoarder. When family members came to clean her house after she died in 2011 they found her mother's mummified body wrapped in a shower curtain. Her mother was last seen in 1994…"

That site's my new guilty pleasure.


That site’s my new guilty pleasure.

There’s something for everyone.

Spiny Norman

Elephants Gerald,

I like it! =^D

the wolf

I couldn't resist and checked my own address. No one has died there. I confess I am mildly disappointed.


The night is young. :-)

Captain Nemo

The skies are clear, and if you want to go walking dear, it's delightful, etc. etc.

Sorry. I was in a charity shop earlier and they were playing Cole Porter. As such, I couldn't resist.


There’s something for everyone.

As such, I couldn't resist.

Go do that voodoo that you do so well . . . . .

Fen Tiger

A friend of mine (medical student, naturally) rented a room at a bargain price: the previous occupant had given notice by leaking out under the door.

To make this story more sad (if possible), said occupant was the son of Ruth Ellis.

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