Those Baby Blues
An Odd Smell in the Basement

Friday Ephemera

Can you tell what it is yet? // Oh, Waitrose. Never change. // On the making of Kubrick’s The Shining. // “Here’s Johnny.” // At last, an app for all you gin enthusiasts. // Handmade blown glass creatures. // Beware the brinicle. // Burning incense. // B-2 stealth bomber. // His aim is better than yours. // Why black athletes dominate certain sports. // Designer chocolate. // Cat is cat. // Cats caught mid-shake. // Katharine gives good cape. // Vincent Price channels Edgar Allan Poe. // Always keep your octopus entertained. // He feeds parakeets. // Cardboard Kraftwerk. (h/t, Anna) // Frightgeist, an interactive map of Hallowe’en costume trends. // And finally, via Dr W, “Through spiritual research we found that physical reasons are just one part of why sinkholes appear.”