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October 30, 2015


Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

At last, an app for all you gin enthusiasts.

James Mason has a recommendation for your liquor cabinet.


It's one thing to read a piece of pretentious marketing BS in English, but it's even more ridiculous in French.

About a poorly-engineered €5.50 chocolate bar.


"What causes sinkholes: a spiritual perspective

Is it masturbation? It usually is.


Is it masturbation? It usually is.


70% of the reasons such sinkholes appear is because of the resolve of higher level subtle-sorcerers. Sorcerers capitalise on both the physical and psychological factors prevalent in a place to create such sinkholes, which become storehouses of negative energy to be used towards World War 3 and Armageddon. The very space where the hole appears needs to be at least 5% more negative than the average to enable the hole to appear. The proportion of physical and psychological versus spiritual will differ from sinkhole to sinkhole. In some cases it can be 10% physical / psychological and 90% spiritual. On an average though it is 30% and 70%.

Of course it’s entirely possible that the subtle-sorcerers of which we speak are summoned to the earthly plane via agitation of the genitals.


Oh, Waitrose. Never change.

Rosemary and sea salt focaccia is a basic human right, David.


German primary school kids do Kraftwerk.



German primary school kids do Kraftwerk.

That’s magnificent. Added to post.

R. Sherman

A new take on Renaissance art.


A new take on Renaissance art.

Love the Pot Noodle.

Captain Nemo

Although this, shared via a Facebook acquaintance, is probably more suited for an "Elsewhere" post, it seems too good not to share:


Wow, I mean wow. Talk about projection.


At last, an app for all you gin enthusiasts.

Has anyone told Julia?

The Kraftwerk kids are great. I like the one who gets a bit too individual @1'12.


rjmadden: "Has anyone told Julia?"

They have now! *fires up App Store*


Cardboard Kraftwerk.

It works on many levels.


Also agitation of the genitals.


This week I have mostly been playing Prune, which is gentle and relaxing, and Sparkle 2, which is not. Also, Follow the Light.


I have mostly been playing Prune, which is gentle and relaxing

I'll have to play that for my wife the next time we travel. IYKWIM.

R. Sherman

I like the one who gets a bit too individual @1'12.

That will be squelched soon enough.


A new take on Renaissance art.



Sonic 'tractor beam'. http://www.popsci.com/scientists-create-tractor-beam-using-sound-holograms


I just thought I'd report that today I went to our office Halloween party dressed in an Indian sari and jewelry (ordered from India).

At the party were several Actual Indians.

They all thought it was cool. No sniffing about cultural appropriation.

Most of the other costumes were low-rent versions of what you'd see at Comic-Con. I work in IT, after all. Only a few costumes weren't directly tied into a comic book/sci-fi/fantasy franchise.

Which, it's still pretty cool to hang out with people who don't mind dressing up for fun.


it’s still pretty cool to hang out with people who don’t mind dressing up for fun.

[ Straightens hair, adjusts blogging thong. ]

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

I went as a spy.

I simply dressed as I normally do and told people that the reason they didn't recognized I was dressed as a spy was down to the brilliance of my disguise. ;-)


blogging thong
Thanks for the visual. Now where did I put those eye poker-outers?

R. Sherman

...adjusts blogging thong.


It's not even 5:00 PM, and I need a drink.


Turned eight. Time for a glass of red.


I simply dressed as I normally do . . . .

Last night I went to a party dressed as a photographer.

MIAMI BEACH, FLA. — Police have arrested a woman who they say lay naked on a table at a South Beach diner and poured ketchup on herself.

Witnesses told Miami Beach police a topless Angelic Valle turned over tables and chairs at Johnny Rockets earlier this month, then removed the bottom of her bikini before climbing on the table and pouring the ketchup on herself.

Onlookers said she then began to perform a kind of dance while she still lay prone on the table.

One patron told police he grabbed a chair to make a barrier. Other male diners encircled her and waited for police.

Valle was gone when officers arrived, but they located her. The 23-year-old Valle was arrested Thursday.

Read more at http://www.wral.com/cops-woman-danced-naked-at-diner-doused-in-ketchup/15044954/#zHsLdScjKyRTDFK9.99

Why don't things like this happen when I'm in town?

Horace Dunn

Clever drawings...



Re Halloween costumes:

The U.S.Department of Energy has suggestions on its website for "energy-themed" costumes.

... Whatever the reason, we thought we'd share the spirit of Energyween - or is it Halloweenergy? - with these five easy-to-make energy-themed costumes.




Show everyone how big a fan you are of our nuclear physics-loving, Iran Deal-explaining, classically coiffed Secretary of Energy by dressing up as Ernest Moniz, Ph.D., this Halloween.

What the living f? "Iran Deal-explaining"? WTF does that have to do with energy? Who would know wtf that is in the context of Halloween? Real life exceeding parody of The Onion again.


NZ rugby skills represent...


I once put on a white shirt, white pants, white socks, and white sneakers, and told everyone I was Ricardo Montalban. True story.



Must be an editor.


Your next Halloween project ... (Icarus, call your office)


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