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November 24, 2015



Update: Ms Keller now claims her comments were “taken out of context”:

Keller claimed she only instituted the “girls only” Lego play for the first month of school to get them interested in the toys. She also said her “hell freezing over” remark was “a casual, off-record aside meant to convey my frustration with the marketing to girls in our society.” […] Blakely Elementary Principal Reese Ande said the school does not “promote access or opportunity through any forms of exclusion” and that Keller is “a passionate teacher who cares deeply for each and every one of her students.”

Readers will, I’m sure, draw their own conclusions.


Readers will, I’m sure, draw their own conclusions.

'I don't discriminate against boys. Except when I do.'


'I don't discriminate against boys. Except when I do.'

'It's good for them, now leave me alone!'


‘I don’t discriminate against boys. Except when I do.’

Yes, just for a whole month every year. And obviously that doesn’t count. And when she said, quite gleefully, that she lies to five-year-old boys in the name of feminism, she was just lying when she said that, so how dare we question her motives and sincerity? After all, she’s only allowing girls to have an “unencumbered opportunity to become more comfortable working with Lego.”

That’s unencumbered by boys. Not that she discriminates against them, you understand.


I find myself wondering, if all men are rapists at which point do they become so? Is it a legally mandated age thing or is the mere possession of external genitalia bona-fide proof of the crime?

That would be at about 12 weeks gestation by my reckoning.

Apologies if my concerns seem unrelated.


Once upon a time communists knew what they were and that they were opposed by right thinking people. Nowadays if you were to arrest people like this woman and charge her with the treasonous promotion of collectivism, she would look at you in blank incomprehension. As Deckard says in Bladerunner, "How can it not know what it is?" but they really don't.

Chester Draws

It doesn't matter. Biology wins every time.

The boys will Lego as soon as they can. The girls will play with dolls anyway.

I bought my daughters a bunch of Lego when they were little. They loved them. To play "school" with, or similar. I built forts with mine.

You really, really can't beat biology. No matter how righteous you are.


Followed your "been here before" link and spent half an hour reading your conversation with Dr Dawg. :-)


Followed your “been here before” link…

Blimey. Eight years. Where does the time go?


I still marvel at the idea that if children’s play doesn’t conform to hugely presumptuous leftist theorising, then the only possible answer is there’s something wrong with the children.


Yes of course there is something wrong with the children. Half of them are boys.

Watcher In The Dark

I remember Lego insisting they would make no bits of plastic that could be construed as a weapon. Then they had a spaceman who held a sort of megaphone-like device which my sons took to mean it was a gun. Great happiness all round as they could then pew-pew happily.

But I have a theory about the woman teacher and Lego. I think a boy dropped a piece and she, maybe in a barefoot moment of hippydom, trod on it. Anyone who has stepped on a piece barefoot will want to stop everyone playing with Lego for a while, and if the girls won't play with it and the boys are denied, she will be happy. Anyway, a non-hoppy happy hippy is a joy to behold.


a passionate teacher

A NPD will invoke compassion and empathy if it brings them supply. Like a dress brings a compliment.


Hmmm. "Out of context" must mean "I never dreamed a female reporter would rat me out, the bitch" in certain quarters of Bainbridge Island.

R. Sherman

Given that Leftists are always so concerned about boys' "inappropriate" play, i.e. being rambunctious boys, one would think she'd be happy to use the Legos to keep them quiet and engaged. (My wife discovered when our middle rowdy son was five or six that a complex Lego kit would keep him glued to one spot for several hours.)

Obviously, her rule is not meant to further any academic goal or even promote an albeit Leftist social good. It is about punishing a disfavored group. Better for no one to have access to Legos than for boys to have any fun at all.


"For years, it has been the bane of every parent's life - the pain caused by stepping on a tiny Lego brick that's been left lying around the house. But the creators behind the long-time favourite children's toy have now launched an extra-padded slipper to protect the feet of adults everywhere."


Farnsworth M Muldoon

I still marvel at the idea that if children’s play doesn’t conform to hugely presumptuous leftist theorising, then the only possible answer is there’s something wrong with the children.

Indeed, what is wrong is that the tykes are victims of violence because:

Only when we recognize that “manhood” and “womanhood” are made-up categories, invented to control human beings and violently imposed, can we truly understand the nature of sexism, of misogyny, of the way we are all worked over by gender in the end.

OK, that is from Buzzfeed, but no less an intellectual titaness than Miss Penny.


no less an intellectual titaness than Miss Penny.

As Karen Straughan and others have noted, when juxtaposed with your own actual family and the couples you know well, claims like Ms Penny’s tend to seem… well, ludicrous, like conspiracy theories. And that’s before we get to the issue of how denouncers of maleness and heterosexuality - as some violently imposed hallucination – often have little practical experience of it. At least half of radical feminism’s “classic texts” are written by disaffected lesbians, for whom, one assumes, a lifelong heterosexual marriage exists only as a concept, a theory, not something actually lived.


To paraphrase Buffy the Vampire Slayer, of all things:

"Given your general loathing of children, perhaps kindergarten teacher is not your ideal vocation"


It doesn't matter. Biology wins every time.

Maybe so. In the long run. But not at a cost to the trust those little boys will have in teachers and other adults. Little boys are not as stupid as this stupid git thinks they are. They are constantly observing the world and their little sponge-like minds are forming ideas and opinions on how the world works. Undermining the trust and faith little boys have in the authority figures that their parents and/or society submit them to is not a good long run play for society. Especially for female authority figures.


Putting looney sadists in charge of the kids seems like a bad idea.


I have to disagree with WTP: right now we NEED boys to start distrusting authority figures. There are too many wannabe Stalins in education and government nowadays. A healthy distrust and rebelliousness will be good for society.


From the linked post from long ago:

"Our commitment to...anti-bias teaching"

A breathtaking lie.

Jeff Wood

WTP is correct, but of course so is Trimegistus. A paradox for our times, and no doubt for other times too.

I took two bright grandsons through the global warming lessons they were receiving at school. They had received assertion; I offered evidence. One of the lads, slightly autistic, was deeply angry at being lied to. In the end I sighed, told them they could trust their maths teachers, but they were welcome to check everything else with me.

The older one later told me that most of his friends were taking a deeply sceptical view of their lessons, across several subjects. Sad, but there is a generation of youngsters who are perhaps resistant to SJW-ism.


At risk of getting into a chicken/egg/angels-on-a-pin type argument, I stand by my original statement.

Five year old boys need to be able to trust and obey authority. A child is not capable of understanding the world well enough to discern good ideas from bad ones. Most people are barely capable of such by the time we make them eligible to vote. Those who wish to undermine authority at such a tender age should be condemned to teach such issues in public schools for a few years. Children need to be taught, and are actually looking for, discipline and order. I know it's way out of fashion to say so and pretty much anything I say after this can popularly be dismissed as the rantings of a fascist right-wing nut job, but I guess I'm too much the rebel to shut up and go along with the program. Especially after all I've witnessed of what has become of many of my more rebellious friends. Some now dead, some living with Mom and/or Dad, some now fascist right-wing religious nut jobs.

I've never been a fan of rebellion for rebellion's sake. I'm often reminded of the line from the Marlon Brando "Wild Ones" movie where the girl asks him "What are you rebelling against, Johnny" and he says "Waddaya got". Romantic hogwash.

Ed Snack

I too enjoyed the long-ago thread, and was "amused" at how Dr Dawg could so blithely assume that the "agreement" apparently reached to have a communal approach to the use of the lego blocks was reached in "consultation" with the children.

Oddly enough I have been told (by my mother as it lies, alas, too far in the distant past to truly be certain of remembering it well), of an almost identical problem I was involved in at "Playcentre" (a sort of parent run kindergarten, run as I recall in a local hall) with wooden blocks. Another young lad and I finished up constructing some huge thing and to complete it we required ALL of the blocks and so commandeered them and forbade other children to take them back. We were, as I recall, rebuked mildly but complimented on the size and inventiveness of our construction before it was deconstructed and the blocks distributed. I don't think my life was blighted by either the power we exerted over the other children or the rebuke, but I didn't take up engineering, FWIW.

The experience seems a common one...

Tell Sackett

You really, really can't beat biology

The fact that there are now people "identifying" as any of about a hundred newly invented genders suggests that, even if you can't beat biology, you can confuse the Hell out of it. And if you get 'em young, there's no going back...

Chester Draws

Five year old boys need to be able to trust and obey authority.

Trust and obey are unrelated concepts. Just the ability to do what they are told is enough.

I'd rather have a boy who can obey, even though not liking me, than one who likes me but has no self-control and therefore cannot sit still and quiet.


Why do people get the idea that feminists have a problem with men? I just don't understand where on earth that stereotype comes from.

Must be Rush Limbaugh.

London Girl

It requires a special level of stupid, an absolute inability to observe the world around you, to work in a kindergarten and still believe there are no intrinsic differences between boys and girls.

These are children who are so young they don't play co-operatively. They may engage in parallel play. But they are pretty much oblivious to their peers. At primary school, yes, children are hugely influenced by other children. Not at kindergarten.


It has been found that even boy monkeys like to play with boys toys and girl monkeys like to play with girls toys. Obviously this is due to their evil, cishet, white, patriarchal programming.

Ms Keller, these monkeys need you!



Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every fucked-up man, there is also a woman.

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