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November 20, 2015


Captain Nemo

Re: 57. Beautiful photograph. This one from the same site is also excellent:



The Portable Masturbation Hut looks just the thing but could it be used during board meetings?

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

At last, videos for pets. Look, Fido. Squirrel!

Dog TV.


I see three in that 'Cup of Penis' image...


Give the gift of life skills.

*Thinks ahead to Christmas. Plots.*


These links are a Friday highlight for me. I lead a somewhat quiet life....!


These links are a Friday highlight for me.

That’s flattering and tragic.

Have you tried alcohol?

Patrick Brown

Magpie mimics human child:





"Selfie arm extensions"

Please use the correct terminology: Narcis-cis-stick


Carrie Fisher on the set of… er, Blade Runner.


The Patriarchy strikes again!


Watcher In The Dark

The Eagle hunter pictures have slotted into my all time favourites. Awesome scenery! Fur hats! Elegant killing! I want one!


Awesome scenery! Fur hats! Elegant killing!

Yes, they give good hat. In fact, it practically screams fabulousness.


Swiped from Julia, a martial arts tournament gets a little heated.


Have you tried alcohol?

You know how superheroes sometimes team up to fight the bad guys?

Well, this video rolik is not really like that at all. But what it is is Pussy Riot teaming up with Banksy.

Alcohol may be advisable.

Also ear defenders.

Maybe a robust constitution.


Also ear defenders.

There’s never a catastrophic electrical fire when you need one.


You know how superheroes sometimes team up to fight the bad guys?

Well, this video rolik is not really like that at all. But what it is is Pussy Riot teaming up with Banksy.

That is kinda like that at all, only in reverse, it's bad guys teaming up to fight superheroes. In standard ineffective supervillain style. Cartoonishly evil acts that remain incredibly petty (trespass, vandalism), fit for TV and comic books in being rather noisy and eye-catching but not actually having much lasting result, so the world can go back to status quo for next episode.


Will #2 fit inside #8?

Asking for a friend.


"Will #2 fit inside #8?"

#20 definitely would.


Asking for a friend.

#3 inside #8 might be an interesting challenge.

Oh dear. We’re on the verge of turning this into one of those subscriber-only websites that I read about somewhere.

R. Sherman

. . . a martial arts tournament gets a little heated.

Meh. Just another day trying to get the kids off to school here in Middle America.


It took two years for this artist ... and really time beautifully spent.



That's not art, it's interesting and a pleasure to look at, whilst requiring talent to produce. Plus someone actually paid them out of their own pocket for the work.

Jeff Wood

Re: the martial arts tournament. I am not quite convinced the ref made contact with the grey chap's head. Could the thing be a set up?

Otherwise, great fun.


'Give the gift of life skills.'

On that, I'm currently under contract to a transnational corporation more intent on looking good in public than producing you know, actual saleable product. Every worthy cause gets its own week. But since I'm living in The Great South Land, relations with the early non-white inhabitants get special attention.

A young Aboriginal fellow was recently hired, and to his credit he is pretty keen and wants to do a good job. The problem is, he works in the mail room - and his literacy skills aren't all they could be. A few remedial language classes would do him great benefit, and give him something to take into the future. But the guy running the mail room doesn't dare suggest that. He's already learnt that 'You can speak freely' during Cultural Awareness Training (I did not make that up) really means 'Keep it PC or else.'

The program attracts a lot of folk who chase that warm inner glow. That special high that comes from knowing you're a good person. Again to his credit, the kid is embarrassed by all this stupid noise. He doesn't want to spend his life being wrapped in cotton wool by people feeding their own egos. I wish him luck. He'll need it.


"...a martial arts tournament gets a little heated."

All that was missing was a man yelling: "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, this is a dojo!"


On Lip Sync Battle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes full Janet.

Jake Haye

I am not quite convinced the ref made contact with the grey chap's head. Could the thing be a set up?

They are filming a movie. If you look carefully you can see the cameras ... :)


I should know better than to ask the rhetorical question "Can SJW's get anymore absurd?"


"Can SJW's get anymore absurd?"

I'm starting to think the whole "cultural appropriation" think is a 4Chan joke. Like the "free-bleeding" movement, or the "pee your pants for equality" thing.

If not...maybe it's alien mind-control?

sackcloth and ashes

'Bond interiors'.

I think that all but two of them are the work of Ken Adam, or Klaus Adam as he was born.

Adam flew Typhoons with the RAF in WWII. He was nicknamed 'Heinie the tank killer' by his brother pilots.

I'm not sure what today's SJWs would be most upset by - the nickname, or the fact that a Jew was flying a ground attack plane.

Captain Nemo

Sorry to disappoint you, sackcloth, but there are exactly eight non-Ken Adam designed sets. The circular room with the roof windows and girl on the sofa is John Lautner's Elrod House, Palm Springs California, and the airport interior with Roger Moore is the now demolished Pan-Am Worldport at JFK. There are also some sets by Peter Lamont (Octopussy war room, A View to a Kill iceberg submarine interior), Syd Cain (OHMSS sitting room with the attractive girls, OHMSS bedroom,) and Peter Murton (The Man with the Golden Gun). There's also one set there from Live and Let Die; I can't find a production designer, but the art direction was by Cain and Lamont. So it's probably one of those two.

sackcloth and ashes

Thank you, Captain Nemo, for breaking my heart :-)

Anyway. Marvin Klasch's Flickr link is worth following:


Even if you do get that moment when you realised that the Roger Moore era had not so much jumped the shark as traversed the Kraken:


Or a reminder of the worst of Connery such as this:


Rich Rostrom

That German soldier is very odd. The U.S. Army wouldn't take anyone over about 6' 4"; for one thing, they didn't want to bother making uniforms for that small cohort; and they wouldn't fit in standard bunks; etc. Dunno about any other armies, but it seems a sensible policy, and I would expect that most did similarly.

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