Unseen Energies
Weighty Matters

Friday Ephemera

Chicken skin teddy. // Hey, you switched-on kids, it’s Serge and Brigitte. // Colour photographs of Paris, 100 years ago. // Now and then, even SR-71 pilots like to have a laugh. // IKEA self-assembly instructions from hell. // His flash-light is brighter than yours. // That’s not a lightsaber, this is a lightsaber. // I fear a small malfunction may be imminent. // Half-mile-long spider web. // A real-time map of Berlin’s subway system. Hours of fun. // Black fruit. // Ginkgo leaves. // Short story vending machine. // Meanwhile, at the airport. // Give the gift of toilet paper. // A public archive of 10,000 cylinder recordings. Includes The Wedding o’ Sandy MacNab and Girls, Study Your Cookery Book. // Civil War. // Wood block transformers. // This book is a camera. // Above all else.