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Friday Ephemera

Unseen Energies

It occurs to me that previous visits to the pages of Everyday Feminism may have led readers to suspect that said publication is a haven for the competitively pretentious and neurotically unemployable. Well, this latest article by the non-binary pronoun nightmare known as Kris Nelson™ is sure to shatter such idle preconceptions

As a follower of Diana; as a worshipper of the sun, the moon, and the earth; and as a witch, it is my responsibility to engage in radical politics.

In case you missed it,  

I am a witch.

Therefore, naturally, the non-binary pronoun nightmare known as Kris Nelson™ “seeks community building, universal respect, environmental protection, and alternative forms of healing and living.” And obviously, 

All of these aspects of my craft are feminist and revolutionary. 

It all sounds terribly radical.

My religious beliefs are inherently radical.

In fact, readers are informed of this radicalness no fewer than nine times. Repeatedly describing oneself as radical is, of course, a sure sign of throbbing iconoclasm. And as a creature of immense and non-conformist insight,

aligning myself with feminist politics is necessary.

Well, our greatest minds have always been drawn to The Indignant Sisterhood.

As you’d imagine, our radical healer is gifted with strange energies and uncanny knowledge:

There are many amazing things that modern medicine offers us that herbal, crystal, and energy healing cannot... 

The words efficacy and survival spring to mind.

However, it can’t be denied that the medical industry is just as much a site for racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, fatphobia, and ableism as any other institution of systemic oppression.

There’s so much sin to purge. Someone fetch the healing stone.

As a witch and a radical, I see the revolutionary potential in knowing the healing qualities of items that are much more accessible than a lot of modern medications… This is especially salient in a world that inflicts so much emotional damage through systemic oppression.

See how politics and witchcraft intersect. You knew they would.

Both ‘witch’ and ‘feminist’ are radical political identities… A modern identity as a witch is an act to actively identify with practices outside the norm… As a non-binary trans person who rejects marriage, nuclear family structure, division of community, and Christian imperialism, I identify with “witch” as an outsider.

And you have to be radical if you want to fit in with that totally happening non-conformist crowd. When not sharing cosmic insights with the readers of Everyday Feminism, the non-binary pronoun nightmare known as Kris Nelson™ runs “a blog full of short, queer-centric radical prose,” where she - sorry, they - tells a fascinated world about her - sorry, their - fascinating self

I am a lot of things.  I am trans, I am femme, I am queer… I hope to become are a healer and a teacher… I am clairvoyant, I seek a path that leads me to energy work, and I am neuro-divergent.


I am autistic, I am bipolar, I have generalised anxiety, and chronic insomnia.


I do not have strict control over my moods and emotions.


I still am not filled with love and light.

And hence, one assumes, the feminism. And the fondness for “anti-capitalist ideologies.”

Our neuro-divergent-trans-queer-clairvoyant also runs an online store, where those so intrigued can buy “crystal pendants, hand sewn tarot bags, and pendulums.” And also sea shellsAll items, we’re assured, “have been made with positive energy.” Those even more intrigued can avail themselves of “divination services,” i.e., tarot card readings, via email. 

Steady, people. No pushing. Form an orderly queue.