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January 22, 2016




Ford Corsair

The sky was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel...

Andrew Duffin

Stills from BladeRunner, obviously.


@ Ford Corsair; which in these digital days means a bright, clear blue. :-)


Stills from BladeRunner, obviously.

When I was there many, many years ago, Tokyo City Hall building and the Shinjuku area in general, reminded me of Batman's Gotham City.



Chiba City, night and rain...


I must go read 'Neuromancer' again now...


I was in Tokyo with the wife in December. I don't go there often for sightseeing; when I go, I usually do for business and I normally leave after the business is done. We had a nice time, though. We had fish in Tsukiji, visited Ueno park, Tokyo Skytree and so on.

What's funny is that after leaving the grounds of the Imperial Palace, I pointed-across the street to a nondescript building and told my wife that, in the late 1940s, it was SCAP HQ, the headquarters of General MacArthur during the US occupation. The building still stands as it was (and still is) an insurance office. She wasn't convinced until I got the elderly park attendant nearby to testify that, yes, that _was_ MacArthur's headquarters. Naturally, I made a tiny grammatical mistake in Japanese and my wife found it fit to make fun of that.

It was a decent trip anyway. I like the bullet-train regardless.

Mr. Saturn

Without context I would almost think that these were video game shots. Really cool.


I simply must go back to Japan.

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