My Air Horn Proves My Righteousness
But Work Is So Hard And Indignation Is Easy

Friday Ephemera

“Surrender yourself to a poignant experience of body odour.” // Interactive wave simulator. (h/t, Things) // Your virtual reality girlfriend is a swimsuit model. // 3D-printed tissue transplants. // The thrill of wallpaper, 1968. // The thrill of clock-making. // Watchmen comic panels sorted by brightness. // The herbivorous butcher. 100% vegan. // A beginner’s guide to landing a Boeing 737 in an emergency. // A brief history of Roland electronic instruments. // Tread carefully on the island of feral rabbits. // Vibrundies. // How couples meet. // The chemistry of Camembert. // Because you’ve always wanted to watch someone eating old military survival rations. // 85,000 historical films, 1896-1976. // Herding sheep. // And I think that means he likes it. That, or he’s trying to fly.