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Stephen Beard on women in STEM, absent males and the Great Diversity Hustle: 

Most large organisations — certainly universities — now have Diversity Officers, Diversity Consultants and Women’s Officers. Many of these Officers and Consultants and the like have academic backgrounds in gender or women’s studies... Perhaps this is why diversity bosses have chosen to focus on the four areas in STEM [out of eight] where men still make up the majority, rather than education, where men make up less than 25% of undergraduate and post-graduate students. This is a much more alarming statistic, given that only one-in-four British primary schools have a single male teacher, and there are over a million children in the UK growing up without a father. With the possible detrimental effects of not having positive male role-models, this is a much more pressing issue than the concerns of middle-class academic women seeking special privileges in their career.

The STEM fields in which women outnumber men are, oddly enough, not deemed biased or bothersome. 

Kyle Brooks on competitive outrage on campus: 

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has been enmeshed in controversy over the last few weeks in the wake of its chancellor mistaking a photo of two white students donning beauty facial masks as blackface and falsely accusing the students of being “racist.” […] Since the incident – which one student activist labelled “Bloody Sunday” – the campus has hosted diversity forums at which students have accused the campus of being steeped in racism and suggested administrators are not doing enough about it. One Black Student Union member even told peers she missed several days of school because she was too distraught by the blackface picture to attend class.

Related, their failure to know stuff is entirely due to your racism

Protesters interrupted the University of Wisconsin system’s Board of Regents meeting for a third time last week, demanding the end of “blatantly oppressive” standardised testing.

You see, the student protestors are ethereal beings of exquisite sensitivity, such that they are emotionally crushed by any hint of mockery – say, when laughed at for gathering in a “healing circle” - and are rendered tearful and distraught by any testing of their abilities. Such as they might be.* 

And Andrew Follett on the “feminist glaciology” hokum recently doing the rounds: 

The University of Oregon historian who wrote a study claiming glaciers are sexist said in an interview on Friday that the general public isn’t educated enough about feminism to understand his research. In the interview, Dr Mark Carey claims that when his studies are “described to non-specialists, the research can be misunderstood and potentially misrepresented.” […] The research was financially supported by taxpayer dollars. The National Science Foundation (NSF) gave Carey a five-year grant to write his “feminist glaciology” paper. He has received a total of $709,125 in grants from the NSF, according to his curriculum vitae. Carey did not address the huge sum of money he received in the interview.

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Yes. How he gonna get clothes for school? And then this BS about “let the police handle it”. Someone was in a woman’s house. He had no business being in there. He was obviously committing, at the very least, an act of burglary. And it could have been something worse for all she knew. And the police, of all people, get on their high-horse about what the lady did that she didn’t “need” to do. Now maybe somewhere, the police may have maybe said “let this be a lesson to you burglars out there” or some such. I’d be amazed if so. If any cop said any such thing they’d prolly be fired for being insufficiently sensitive and “unprofessional”. This is the absolute total crap that we are constantly fed. Yet we’re only seeing this story as another Travon/Trayvon. The official/proper concern is that this lady didn’t let the cops “handle” it. For law-abiding citizens to be concerned that the cops responded in such a way as to hint at saying she didn't "need" to shoot or for us to be concerned that there is a total lack of questioning from the media of wtf the relatives of the perpetrator were saying to justify his actions, well that’s just raaaaaacist. I Mr. Reporter and Mr. Investigator, let me fix that sentence for you:

"Investigators said they’re still trying to sort all of this out and want the public thugs to remember that, if possible, it’s best not to take these types of situations into your own hands be breaking into people's homes robbing and stealing."

And our intellectual "betters" over here are aghast at why people are voting for Trump, asking why are the Trumpets so angry *look of condescending concern*?


I refuse to believe the glacier article isn't a brilliant satire that dupe us all. Right?!? Liberal academia can't possible have sunk this low?


Academia has been this low for a long time. They didn't suddenly improve after the Sokal Affair and Science Wars. They simply retreated to their echo chambers and continued perpetuating their discredited work.

Now, after nearly 20 years unchecked by reason and outsider criticism, they are much larger and have much more influence than ever before.


Now, after nearly 20 years unchecked by reason and outsider criticism

I'd say it's been a good bit longer than 20 years in many parts of academia.

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