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March 14, 2016



Yes. How he gonna get clothes for school? And then this BS about “let the police handle it”. Someone was in a woman’s house. He had no business being in there. He was obviously committing, at the very least, an act of burglary. And it could have been something worse for all she knew. And the police, of all people, get on their high-horse about what the lady did that she didn’t “need” to do. Now maybe somewhere, the police may have maybe said “let this be a lesson to you burglars out there” or some such. I’d be amazed if so. If any cop said any such thing they’d prolly be fired for being insufficiently sensitive and “unprofessional”. This is the absolute total crap that we are constantly fed. Yet we’re only seeing this story as another Travon/Trayvon. The official/proper concern is that this lady didn’t let the cops “handle” it. For law-abiding citizens to be concerned that the cops responded in such a way as to hint at saying she didn't "need" to shoot or for us to be concerned that there is a total lack of questioning from the media of wtf the relatives of the perpetrator were saying to justify his actions, well that’s just raaaaaacist. I mean...here Mr. Reporter and Mr. Investigator, let me fix that sentence for you:

"Investigators said they’re still trying to sort all of this out and want the public thugs to remember that, if possible, it’s best not to take these types of situations into your own hands be breaking into people's homes robbing and stealing."

And our intellectual "betters" over here are aghast at why people are voting for Trump, asking why are the Trumpets so angry *look of condescending concern*?


I refuse to believe the glacier article isn't a brilliant satire that dupe us all. Right?!? Liberal academia can't possible have sunk this low?


Academia has been this low for a long time. They didn't suddenly improve after the Sokal Affair and Science Wars. They simply retreated to their echo chambers and continued perpetuating their discredited work.

Now, after nearly 20 years unchecked by reason and outsider criticism, they are much larger and have much more influence than ever before.


Now, after nearly 20 years unchecked by reason and outsider criticism

I'd say it's been a good bit longer than 20 years in many parts of academia.

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