The Glow of the Patriarchy
Elsewhere (193)

Friday Ephemera

Hi there. // Nose job. // Places in Norway named after Hell. // Leech swallows worm. // This. // That. // How to send email, 1984. // Maglev spherical tyres. // Very small drawings. // Diving suits and submarines. // Romanian salt mine tourist attraction. // Teeny tiny micro-robots drag big car. // A brief history of rhythm-making machines. // A brief history of synthesized speech. // A brief history of Star Trek prop recycling. // Hard-to-kill plant. // Portuguese spillway. // And a pink one for the lady. // Big hair metal band publicity shots. // “My name’s David Rees and I have an artisanal pencil sharpening business.” (h/t, Coudal) // Potential snag with quantum teleportation. // And finally, what you probably didn’t know about Teflon-coated super-suction aeroplane toilets.