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Feel My Pain, Now Do As I Say


John D

Sounds like an excuse for being cheap.


What an unpleasant, virtue-signalling creep.
I wonder if she *explains* why she's not giving them a tip.
So they can know it's all for their own good.


What's the betting she's a well-off white student doing a clown quarter degree?


What’s the betting she’s a well-off white student doing a clown quarter degree?

I’m not sure where else you’d find people who think that refusing to tip modestly-paid waiting staff based solely on their melanin levels isn’t in any way racist, no siree! And that not only is withholding tips based on race not racist, it also “balances the power structure.” Because of all that post-colonial “white supremacy” that waiting staff enjoy. What with them being among the “dictators of Western society.”

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, or national origin, nothing says "entitled" like being a waiter.

Well, maybe "valet parking attendant" if we are talking about people who rely on tips.

R. Sherman

So, does she inform the waiter in advance that because of their skin color, they will not be receiving a tip,or does she just accept the service and walk out? At least telling them in advance would be an albeit ostentatious expression of her piety. Otherwise, she's just a cheap asshole.

R. Sherman

Marginally related to issues of "Privilege."


The author of this charming piece is some sort of male: his manifesto is here. It's such a load of wank it's tempting to call it an emission statement, but he thinks any sex is naughty ('problematic' is probably the word he'd use).

A parody/wind-up, surely?

Farnsworth M Muldoon

A parody/wind-up, surely?

I sure as hell hope so.


Another fun date. This one ends with a waiter chasing you into the parking lot. Fight the power!

Captain Nemo

An emission statement.

Heh. And stolen. Too good not to.


"I want to break the cycle of them getting what they want."

Wow, so fierce. Because nothing fights white privilege like arbitrary punishment of people on minimum wage.


This made me lol, though, thanks Trevor :

"Facial hair is too violent. As a result, I have my entire head shaved. "

Because being a skinhead (black or white) has no violent connotations, noooooooo....


"Some more saliva in your soup, madame?"


If you're a walk-in, you probably get away with it, but if you're a regular...

Word will go around, and you will pay. The reasons for tipping are quite practical.

Tip well, but not ostentatiously. Percentages vary.
Say please and thank you.
Be friendly. Don't yell.

It's really not complicated. And good tippers gets all the breaks.

raymond mccarthy

The opening of his/hers/ whatever manifesto states" Most people would assume I am a walking oxymoron".

He accidentally put oxy in front of moron

Typos are such a terrible thing.😄

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Wow, so fierce. Because nothing fights white privilege like arbitrary punishment of people on minimum wage.

In the US and A, usually less than minimum wage, the expectation that tips make up the difference. In my occasionally misspent youth when not in my mandatory college courses training me to be a shitlord and generally enjoying my cis person of pallor patriarchal privilege, we valet parkers aspired to become waiters because though they got paid less per hour, they generally got better tips, and didn't have to put up with rain or snow.

Dr Cromarty

"Some more saliva in your soup, madame?"

Gentlemen waiters sometimes offer 'special sauce' for selected customers.

Captain Nemo

When it comes to identity politics, we're always told by the left that uniting behind a national identity is wrong; uniting behind an admiration for the achievements of leading cultural figures like Shakespeare, Tennyson and Elgar is "divisive", and that it is the wrong sort of identity politics. Yet the right sort of identity politics, according to the left, is to go around dividing us into designated victim and oppressor groups based on race, sexual identity, gender, etc. And for some reason the left has the gall to tell us that this gives us unity. It's absurd that taking pride in the cultural identity of one's nation is the one that (according to the left) is divisive, especially when one considers that one doesn't have to be white/black/gay/straight to admire and appreciate those things.

Elrond Hubbard

I assume that our white waiter stiffer doesn't patronize a restaurant more than once---the wait staff has a long memory.


A parody/wind-up, surely?

Yes it's all very amusing but a pretty obvious wind up, there are a lot of clues but it's the stuff about his girlfriend that gives it away, surely even the most mangey mangina wouldn't be that clueless.

I loved this bit,

I am a ghost. I make sure that I leave as little an impact on my surroundings as possible. If I am walking in a crowd, I will bend myself into two dimensional space before I ever touch another person. Unsolicited physical contact is a form of violence; it is assault.

A visitor from Flatland it seems


...a pretty obvious wind up ...

But the places we frequent are now so full of just-five-years-ago-inconceivable weirdness that parody is almost impossible.

Jib Halyard

Yes it's all very amusing but a pretty obvious wind up

I thought so as well, but the posts regurgitating bog-standard cultural left dogma or attempting to manipulate statistics would seem to suggest otherwise.
In any case, satire is notoriously difficult to spot in that quadrant of the universe...


In any case, satire is notoriously difficult to spot in that quadrant of the universe...

True but in this case I think the clue is in the sheer breadth of the SJW life he is supposedly living, it ticks absolutely every box. There may be some poor benighted souls trapped in a world of total delusion like this but they must be very few and probably seriously dysfunctional. This is the biggest deceit of that world, the people who most fiercely advocate it aren't really living it, just like all the committed environmentalists who travel regularly in jets, own a car and are never without the latest consumer gadget, bad faith is the only true doctrine these people hold to.


"...a pretty obvious wind up ...

"The unchallenged absurdity of today..."


the pic is a pretty big hint


I wasn't aware that a white waiter gets a higher base rate of pay than his/her/it's Hispanic counterpart in the same venue?

That does seem unfair I must say.

I am triggered.


"Some more saliva in your soup, madame?"

Gentlemen waiters sometimes offer 'special sauce' for selected customers.

Ah, gentleman's juice as condiment. The mind reels.

Quint&Jessel, Sea of Azof, Bly, UK

You know those greedy, entitled, rich bitch waffle house waitresses, livin' large on minimum wage and tips. Yeah.....

Quint&Jessel, Sea of Azof, Bly, UK

If Trevor's link is right, this is one hell of a parody person!


I heard Godfrey Elfwick is on the loose again. I'm not trusting anything from anyone until he's been located and neutralised.


Interestingly, George Orwell discusses tipping in Homage to Catalonia. When the Anarchists/Trotskists came to power in Barcelona, , tipping vanished from the region. It was regarded as a legacy of master servant behaviour and hence insulting when everyone was equal. When the Republicans (ie mainstream communists by that stage) defeated the Trotskyists, tipping returned.

On that logic tipping only minority waiters is inherently racist. Has she thought this through?

I sneeze in threes

This has to be a glorious spoof. Look at this example;

"I’m not saying we should program driverless to kill all the white people it sees. I’m not some kind of extremist. I’m simply suggesting that in the (unlikely) event that an accident is about to happen, there is an objective standard that the car can look to. Driverless cars ought to have algorithms that evaluate based on privilege. "

Let's get this site known by the usual suspects and see if they voice support.

I particularly liked the bit how he is in a non-sexual monogamous relationship with a woman who is polyamorous (spelling) and he's happy if she is sexually active with others.

He's a genius.


"He's a genius."

After reading through a few of his posts I am tentatively of the same mind.

As someone mentioned above it will be instructive to see what the usual suspects think of it.

Paging Penny.....Penny....please pick up the red phone....

Rich Rostrom

Adults tip 10%.

Jews tip 12%.

White men tip 15%.

Republicans tip 20%.

And pretentious left-wing gits stiff the server. I concede the possibility that this is a parody site, but one can never be sure with the Left these days. Did you know that "trans-fat" is a thing?

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