When Bedlamites Gather
Elsewhere (197)

Friday Ephemera

Apollo 17 in real time. // Real-time Titanic sinking. // Thrill small children with an E.T. barbecue. // The bohemian coffee bars are coming. (1959) // The museum of talking boards. (h/t, Coudal) // Lovely, nasty molecules. // 100 years of memorable shots. // Overly dramatic moray. // Sid James admires various markets, where you can buy sarsaparilla, eels and other “queer grub.” // Heavy Metal Parking Lot, 1986. // Hong Kong fog. // Other people’s trash. // The northernmost town on Earth. // Indulge yourself by shopping for your own private island. (h/t, Things) // Where the Earthlings live. // Can you spot the speakeasy? // “I’ve met people who said my father ruined them.” // And finally, it’s 1954 and John Gielgud is Sherlock Holmes with Orson Welles as Moriarty.