A Very Brief Moment Of Triumph
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You Can Either Concur Or Agree

Some thrilling developments at Edinburgh University:

Ms Imogen Wilson, 22, was subject to a “safe space complaint” over her supposedly “inappropriate hand gestures” during a student council meeting.

Thug life. No, wait. It wasn’t that kind of gesture.  

Ms Wilson said she raised her arm in disagreement.

And such reckless provocation simply will not do.

According to the association’s rules, student council meetings should be held in a “safe space environment,” defined as “a space which is welcoming and safe and includes the prohibition of discriminatory language and actions.” This includes “refraining from hand gestures which denote disagreement,” or “in any other way indicating disagreement with a point or points being made.”

Ah, the student left and its adorable tendencies.

According to the [students association] safe space rules, only gestures that indicate agreement are “permissible”.

And so,

A complaint was made against Ms Wilson, who was then subjected to a vote on whether she should be removed from the room.

I can’t help thinking these students are just a tad overwound. But at least things can’t get sillier.

Although the vote went in her favour, with 18 people voting to remove her and 33 voting for her to be allowed to remain, she was later threatened with another complaint after shaking her head while someone was speaking.

Burn the witch!

You know, I don’t think I can top this one today.

Update, via the comments:

Dr Cromarty notes,

Turns out Imogen Wilson is just as much of an intersectional halfwit as the rest of them.

Yes, hoist, petard, and all that. As leftism is premised on presumed, often ludicrous categories of ‘victim’ and ‘oppressor’, this kind of incoherence and opportunism is pretty much inevitable. And yet Ms Wilson, who piously signals her disdain for “white men” as some supposedly malign and oppressive group, is somehow surprised when the same mindset of implausible delicacy and question-begged categories – the same glib piety - is applied to her for being insufficiently conformist.

But maybe the thing to take away from this is the fact that someone involved in leftwing student politics was sufficiently keen to exercise power over others that they made a formal complaint about a woman quietly shaking her head in disagreement and then called for a vote on whether said woman should be banished to the outer darkness. An expulsion that 17 other students saw fit to endorse. As if this were something that sane people do. Because even small head movements are something to be punished.