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Friday Ephemera

Doctor’s note of note. // Little Mercury, big Sun. // 200 years of U.S. immigration. // Antimatter yield calculator. // Notice of note. // At last, your very own garden igloo. // It’s a good-news-bad-news thing. // KFC edible nail polish. // For dining or ping pong, only $8,200. // Peak Waitrose. (h/t, Damian) // Honey on tap. // Hardcore icing. // For sufferers of phone battery neurosis. // Honest Trailers: Deadpool. // Juggle drumming. // The dead and deadening world of contemporary art. // Annoy your pets with the cat soundboard. // 90 episodes of Suspense (1942-1962). // 2,000 metres of fabric. // Middle-aged break-dancers. // Meanwhile, in China. // “Children make toys out of it.” // And finally, quite splendidly, the 2016 Mylapore Kapaleeswarar Temple Car Festival.



KFC edible nail polish. // For dining or ping pong, only $8,200. // Peak Waitrose.

. . . . . .someone(s) desperately in need of a life . . .

Hardcore icing . . . . Juggle drumming.

Skill and focus, demonstrated.


Contemporary dance remix video.

Wilbur Hassenfus

I suppose that John Fries Award probably isn't named for the leader of the 18th century tax rebellion in Pennsylvania.

R. Sherman

Regarding the immigration animation, it appears that all the immigrants wind up in Kansas City.


The f*^**(^**ing flow hive!


Shiny cakes. I'm not one for photogenic cakes (the eating is what's important) but these are quite impressive.

Tell Sackett

My first thought was that Benjamin Shine calls himself an artist but he's gone and created something skilful, interesting, and beautiful: what the Hell does he think he's playing at?

But then I read that he "explores ideas of impermanence and the fleeting moment, which are conveyed through the inherent qualities of delicate tulle material", so I'll let him off. I do think he should be more careful, though. He'll never be taken seriously if he keeps turning out stuff that people can enjoy.

John D

For sufferers of phone battery neurosis.

"Battery Share is a new iOS app… that lets friends track each other's battery levels. Groups of friends can now see when someone is running low on power to send them a final update before losing contact."

Er... doesn't monitoring each other's battery levels and sending them warning messages just drain the battery even more?


doesn’t monitoring each other’s battery levels... just drain the battery even more?

Of course you’ll then need another app to show you exactly how much power is being consumed by the app that monitors your friends’ battery levels. Otherwise it won’t quite be neurotic enough. And then another app on top of that one to advise you of the nearest Battery Anxiety Support Group.


Annoy your pets with the cat soundboard.



'Social Justice: The Musical.'


‘Social Justice: The Musical.’


And speaking of which. Apparently, the 19-year-old Mao-lings are educating us.


"The f*^**(^**ing flow hive!"

You do know that's cultural appropriation, don't you? Better get yours now, since all the bees are dying off and We're All Gonna Die™ soon!


Notice of note.

That has to be photoshop.


That has to be photoshop.

The sign is real but fake, i.e., it’s a real physical object photographed in situ, but it’s unofficial, most likely a prank. Or possibly the result of a visitor’s genuine concern. Apparently, the photo was taken in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, where the dropping of acid is hardly unknown.

Farnsworth M Muldoon

Apparently, the 19-year-old Mao-lings are educating us.

The protesters chanted the university is a “police state,”...

Yet somehow they missed the fact that in a police state a) they wouldn't have been allowed to throw their tantrum, and b) if they even tried, they would be off to the gulag.


Wise Cat:


Perhaps a bit heavy for Friday Ephemera, but this has my knickers in a twist this morning...

So Cuomo gets plausible deniability by saying the ban, which IS his idea, does not apply to HVCC because they aren’t a “state entity”. However, were SUNY or similar to have such an opportunity, presumably the ban would apply to them. So the rule is still stupid for the very reason they are trying to weasel out by saying that it doesn’t apply to HVCC. Yet OTOH, HVCC “stands with Gov. Cuomo” in doing so. It’s this muddying of facts and BS under the guise of nuance that really grates on me.


Fans of scintillating prose will appreciate this paragraph from Jasbir Puar:

In centering in human entities and temporalities how Palestine matters resituates the geopolitical that has been oddly alighted in the resurrection of the ecological and the geographical and emergent fields of new materialisms and Anthropocene studies. Many scholars have rapidly noted that much of the Anthropocene talk has been enabled through a rather bald-faced appropriation of long-standing native and indigenous cosmologies. So the book attempts to offer a counter genealogy to the surge of theories of object-oriented ontology and theories of post-humanism by putting them into direct relation to the fields of post-colonial theory, questions of imperial occupation and settler colonialism and disability studies.
Farnsworth M Muldoon

Meanwhile, the law may be an ass, but so is the Turner Prize. Literally, it appears.


So the book attempts to offer a counter genealogy to the surge of theories of object-oriented ontology

Can't even make up their own BS terms anymore. Gotta steal a perfectly good term from computer science, so they can sound all smart-y, and corrupt that. FFS there's 26 letters in the alphabet. The combinations are nearly infinite. Show just a little creativity for all the oxygen you're sucking out of the planet.


Fans of scintillating prose ...

In the late 1990s I took out a subscription to an anthropological journal, thinking it would be a good way to re-acquaint myself with the subject I had once studied. It was full of impenetrable gibberish, which did not come as a complete shock, but I nonetheless enjoyed one edition in particular. It carried an interview with the eminent anthropologist Isaac Schaapera, then a nonagerian, who was asked what he thought of current trends in the subject: 'I don't understand it', he said. 'They just make words up.'


Career choices . . .

Spiny Norman


Can't even make up their own BS terms anymore. Gotta steal a perfectly good term from computer science, so they can sound all smart-y, and corrupt that.

Why shouldn't they? They stole the "cis-" prefix from chemistry, and have gotten away with it.


Point taken, Spiny. This abuse of language does burn my grits, though. Tower of Babel revisited.



She's a housemaker.

Only a momma can make a house a HOME.





Re: $8,200 ping-pong table: My $50 ping-pong table currently has a dead computer, Christmas lights, lawn mower parts, and unfolded laundry on it.


"They stole the "cis-" prefix from chemistry..."
Which stole it from Latin: Remember "cisalpine Gaul" (this side of the Alps) and "transalpine Gaul" (the other side of the Alps)?
So in some ways the nomenclature makes a certain kind of sense, although of course its purpose is to normalize every psychological and biological defect and disorder.


She's a housemaker.

Only a momma can make a house a HOME.

Momma, or daddy, or both, or two of, whatever . . . .

I just read the item, didn't write it.

Those whose goal it is to sell domestic dwellings hope to persuade their patsies that a house and a home are identical, and thus advertise "a lovely quarter-of-a-million-dollar home." But since a housewrecker differs significantly from a homewrecker, the inference is clear that house and home mean different things, although the new gentility and sentimentality, issuing in the new euphemism, labor constantly to efface the difference. The Philadelphia Inquirer has spoken recently of boarding homes, and it will probably not be long before we hear of whorehomes, homes of prostitution, and bawdy homes.
---Paul Fussell

Movie notes . . .



I think alcohol may have been involved.

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