I’m Sensing Tension In The Room
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Friday Ephemera

The complete, scrollable Star Wars. By all means spend your lunch hour checking for errors and omissions. // Mitsubishi bees. // At last, a 3” turntable for all those 3” records you’ve kept. // Cat watches Psycho. // Why snow and confetti ruin YouTube video quality. // Can you tell what it is yet? // A pumpkin’s life. // Supaidāman, 1978. // Twerk it, sister. // Where to test your satellite antenna. // Low pass, Budapest. // Chart of note. // Air raid sirens of the Los Angeles area. (h/t, Coudal) // Cooking with dog. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) // Can you spell “grade inflation”? // Cosplay triumph. // Boys and girls. // British diet data. We’re drinking less tea, apparently. // Travel snaps of note. // Fire from the sky. // And finally, this chap plays the piano better than you do and he has no fingers.