Elsewhere (198)
Oh Lord, Imagine The Arguments

Friday Ephemera

Nap buddies. // Parenting. // Edible pizza box. // He lives inside a Boeing 727. // A bear’s-eye-view of Yellowstone. // Bee versus nail. // An aid to concentration. // Hair dryer of note. // A short history of human height. // At last, a screen-licking robot. // Bodies of the solar system. // ISS Earth viewing livestream. Everybody wave. // Saturn and Enceladus. // Space invaders. // Psychic sasquatch. You know it makes sense. // Under construction. // Chronas. // Slither. // How to light a match. // Upgrade now. // Its gonads glow. // Nightmare fuel. // The only way to appreciate Wagner. // World’s longest functional golf club. // You want one and you know it. // Photography of note. // And finally, spiritually, “They have no internet. They don’t know what a sex toy is.”