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June 17, 2016


Fred the Fourth

So...Do the flight attendants get the same soothing effect from the quiet buzzing and aromas of the passengers below them, as is claimed for the sleeper in the Bee Bed?
Inquiring Minds Want To Know!

Want to know more than you want to know about poisoning your spouse? (Though it always seems to end up being a poisoned husband, for some reason.) Look into a fine tome titled "Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds". CAUTION: Also contains Tulips, Magnets, and Witches.

Fred the Fourth

Hmm. Faulty memory? I think that's actually "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds"


Love those gears!

David Taylor

The start of a series on the worthy recipients of funding for the arts from the Australia Council. By the conservative mag which was denied. Bitter? Justifiably so, I'd say. I'm sure we'll all be enlightened and lift our knuckles a little higher as the series progresses.



How to straighten the curly tail of a pig.

Why is getting up at four in the morning like the tail of a pig?

It's twirly.

Fred the Fourth

No cake for Hal.
Send in a pair of henchlesbians. To DEAL with him.


Morning, all.

No laughing at the back.


The origins of dubstep.

I was convinced for nearly a minute.


I was convinced for nearly a minute.

Well, it is early. Coffee may help.


a series on the worthy recipients of funding for the arts from the Australia Council.

Apparently, said worthies are threatening a day of action:

“Everyone’s thinking of leaving. There’s a lot of indication that there’s a haemorrhaging of good talent from the country because it’s already too expensive to live here… and now with the cuts to funding that are really impacting on independent artists most heavily, it doesn’t really make much sense to remain here in Australia,” Bek Conroy told ArtsHub.

It’s the Attack of the Art World Death Star all over again. Who knows, perhaps they’ll unionise and go on strike.

Imagine the terror.

And note that the term “independent artists” is used to describe artists who rely on coerced public subsidy, i.e., artists who are not independent at all.


A brief history of sending children through the mail.

*looks at mess kids have left in kitchen*

*buys stamps*


"artists who are not independent at all"

Why, it's almost as if The Leftists live in (or try to create, for us) OppositeLand™ where words and terminology are often 180° from objective reality, nefarious actions that they accuse others of are actually being performed by themselves and where status signalling is their unreasonable facsimile for being decent, rationally-thinking individuals.


Ugh, need more coffee.


OppositeLand™ where words and terminology are often 180° from objective reality,

When an artist’s political worldview is premised on ostentatious disdain for markets and for economics generally – and, not unrelated, premised on a sense of entitlement to other people’s earnings – dishonesty will tend to follow. And so we get half a dozen middle-class recipients of coerced public subsidy – to the tune of around quarter of a million a year, every year – claiming that the only possible motive for attempting to reduce such subsidy is “hostility… towards challenging and innovative work.” Rather than, say, an objection to self-flattering parasites who’d rather not earn a living. Like little people do.

And it’s why the Arts Council published an infographic in which it implicitly took credit for all “arts and culture” in the UK, including commercial, unsubsidised cultural activity - things that people will happily pay for, directly, without state coercion. And it’s why Polly Toynbee, Charlotte Higgins and Jonathan Holmes, all writing for the Guardian, used the terms “creative industries” and “creative economy” to blur distinctions between actual businesses that make a profit – games developers, production companies, advertising agencies, etc - and “avant-garde theatre groups” that don’t and never will. In fact so entrenched is the dishonesty and inversion of reality, Guardian readers were expected to believe that a failure to be self-supporting, year after year, was a measure of “success” in the “creative industries.”

The level of bad faith is hard to overstate.

R. Sherman

Sci-fi background noise generator

Fabulous! I intend to pipe that into the master suite at Chez Sherman. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to scour the internet to find the wife a Counselor Deanna Troi costume.


Easy, tiger.


Re Gad Saad video:


The fox on the slide might just be having fun - there's a few YouTube vids of them bouncing around on garden trampolines, after all.


Somewhat related to the cartoon above, Milo Yiannopoulos talks with Douglas Murray.


If anyone has trouble with comments not appearing, email me and I’ll give the spam filter a good seeing to.


The fox on the slide might just be having fun

Yes, possibly. The ones in our garden have been known to frolic. When they’re not sunbathing on the lawn or waiting for a tasty treat.

John D

Leftism. Just say no.



No laughing at the back.

the photographer was a White Male.


Or something.


Leftism. Just say no.

"Protesters at university with 97 percent women blast its ‘toxic rape culture’"


Fred the Fourth

Tasha Yar > Deanna Troi
Sorry 'bout that, R. Sherman.

R. Sherman


I prefer long, raven-haired beauties, to women who look like they're going to a tryout for second base on the "Womyn Power" softball team. I'll bet you're one of those people who like pineapple on pizza, too.


I’ll just leave this here.



Friday ephemera seems to come round very quickly these days. Did some jackass speed up time?

Anyway, good news from Michigan.

Students at Wayne State University no longer have to take a single math course to graduate, and may soon be required to take a diversity course, instead

Meanwhile, the whole of China bursts out laughing...


I was going to say, 'Let's ask David!"

Janice Rand > Deanna Troi > Tasha Yar


I was going to say, “Let’s ask David!”

Not really my field of expertise.

Fred the Fourth

Piper, before we resolve THAT issue, I've got to deal with that scurrilous accusation from R.Sherman. Pineapple on pizza, forsooth!
I'll have you know, my good man, that I am authentic Italian-style pizza bigot. Margherita, baked for 90 seconds at 600F. No extra contaminants. So there!

Regarding the instant issue, it's really moot. We all know the only true inequality goes like this:

Ginger < Maryanne < Jeannie

the rest are mere distractions.

Fred the Fourth

besides, regarding raven-haired beauties, I can do no better than to quote the French Kniggit: "Already got one!"


Maryanne > Ginger, definitely (not that I'd kick either [much less both] out of bed). But adding Jeannie to the mix...hmm. Wholesome farm girl vs. innocent magical girl...

Dang, now I've got Anime stuck in my head!

David Taylor

How did they convince those women to do that? That really was uncalled for and unfair. I eventually liked STNG but it did have some cringe inducing moments.

I don't think Jeannie was innocent. The few episodes I've seen as an adult show she was trying to get the astronaut into her bottle at every opportunity. Wouldn't have had to ask me twice. Neither would Maryanne or Ginger. Watching Gilligan's Island as a kid was confusing sometimes.

David Taylor

Everyone’s thinking of leaving

Here's hoping.


Maryanne > Ginger, definitely (not that I'd kick either [much less both] out of bed).

No, but if Ginger was eating crackers, she'd have to go.

Fred the Fourth

That "Vertical Forest" in Milan has some prior art in Panama. And the Panama City vertical forest buildings have the enormous cultural, economic, and ecological advantage that they are entirely organic. I.e. the trees are from-seed, local native vegetation, seeded by local fauna, sustainably.
What's not to like?
Course some curmudgeonly types (raises hand) might mutter words like "abandoned" or "decay", but they must be trying to hide the Truth, donchaknow?

R. Sherman

Maryanne over Ginger goes without saying. Let me also inject this into the conversation: Julie Newmar's Catwoman.

Aside to David: This thread has seemingly taken a turn in an unexpected direction.


Ginger < Maryanne < Jeannie < Elly May Clampett


I almost forgot another one: Agent 99


Ely May Clampett < Wrangler Jane (F Troop)

R. Sherman


I see your Elly May and raise you a pair of Daisy Dukes.

Col. Milquetoast

I didn't notice any mention of what the residents of the vertical forest think of it. But then few seem to care what people inside a building think of it. Just the other day I saw a small tree cracking a concrete sidewalk.


A brief history of sending children through the mail.

And all along I thought storks delivered babies. I'm crushed...

Also, Ro Laren: That is all.

Fred the Fourth

I have just one more word to add to the > discussion: transitivity.

Fred the Fourth

R.sherman- I agree. David is slacking off and the peasants are revolting.


. . . the peasants are revolting.

They certainly are, which is why there is even a set of axioms for 'em:

The axioms;

There is a hipster born every minute.

The sight of an individual hipster will usually provide amusement for any and all adults, where two or more hipsters become merely an exercise in herding.

Never give a hipster an even break---because you can never cheat an honest man.

And a corollary from the from the Christian New Testament; For you will always have the hipster among you.

For the collective nouns;

A debacle of hipsters

A fiasco of hipsters

A congeal of hipsters

Of course for each of these, hipster---or peasant---is merely the term of the moment, the way the term was yuppy before that and preppy before that. In the UK, popular and relevant terms are chav and sloane ranger and yob, as well as yuppy.


Do your research before drinking!


Re: Mosquitos -- after the Treasury sucks all the blood out of me, the virus and parasite bearing mosquitoes will be disappointed to find just a dry husk left behind.

Fred the Fourth

Southpaw: I once was given a bottle of Thunderbird to put over my workbench (because my project was code-named Thunderbird). It stayed there until some executive worthy decided the company insurance wouldn't like booze in the workplace. Sigh. We were all well-paid engineers. Why would anyone think we'd DRINK the stuff?

Fred the Fourth

Oops. Obviously I meant to direct that last to Density Duck.
But your turn will come, Southpaw. Possess yourself in patience...

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