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June 13, 2016



PS I with I could edit my previous post #100 so I could add, "Mad Libs LOL". It works on SO many levels.

I know, I know. No Refunds, Credit Note Only.


Andrew Duffin

Wait, wait - what? Laurie Penny is "almost thirty"??

So she is barely out of childhood NOW, and we've been laughing at her articles for how long now? Since she was a teenager, probably.

How does such a person possibly gain such access even to the legacy media?

I presume the answers are nepotism, shmoozing, and many years (but not THAT many, obviously) devoted to constant goodthinking, but really - it shows how easily people (the readers in this case) can be brainwashed.

BD Sixsmith

Great piece.


Thanks, Ben.


You had me at "yes, 'tis she".


You had me at “yes, ‘tis she”.

Heh. Well, the assumptions and omissions mentioned above, which are practically a signature of Laurie’s output, seem fairly obvious. You’d think they’d be hard to miss, unless one were determined, or habitually perverse. And it’s interesting that the New Statesman appears to have disabled readers’ comments, leaving its customers as passive recipients of Laurie’s deep, deep wisdom.

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