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Can’t Fault Her Confidence

Here’s a thing:

Elementary school teacher Tracy Rosner… is suing the Miami-Dade County Public Schools in federal court because she claims “the principal had an unfair policy of requiring its foreign language teachers to actually speak the language they were teaching.”

No, you didn’t misread that

Outside of not knowing Spanish, she asserts she was “otherwise qualified” for the position.

As a result of the school rejecting her suggestion that they also employ an additional member of staff to handle the actual Spanish teaching, Ms Rosner has apparently suffered “emotional pain, mental anguish, [and] loss of enjoyment of life.”



Werewolf Sues Elder Care Facility: Claims Ability to Avoid Mutilation Unnecessary
"He's otherwise very qualified, and his hair is perfect", said a spokesman.

GAry from Jersey

I read a while back that the typical American public school teacher graduates at the bottom third of college classes despite taking a lot f gut courses with grade inflation. SO I'm not surprised a woman who can't speak Spanish is mad she isn't allowed to teAch Spanish.

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

Rosner is framing her suit as a racial discrimination matter since non-Spanish speakers are a minority in Miami-Dade County.

That is not exactly accurate, most of the 65% "Hispanic" population of Miami-Dade are bilingual, but the 15% white-non "Hispanic" only speak Brooklynese/Bronxese/Long Islandese and are generally unintelligible to people who speak English.

Captain Nemo

Seems apposite:

(Warning: contains Catherine Tate).


Warning: contains Catherine Tate



On an unrelated note, the comments on "Today's Word is Juxtapose" aren't appearing for me. I'm using both IE and a Chrome knockoff. Anyone else having problems with that particular post?

Daniel Ream

No, you didn’t misread that.

Actually I think someone did, because that's not a quote from Tracy Rosner. It's a quote from the Miami New Times, and pretty clearly with editorial spin on it - they're not presenting it as a quote from Rosner, either.

Reading the actual article indicates that the bulk of the case is the retaliation: she's alleging her workload was doubled beyond the norm after she was turned down for the job. Even if this was done as a result of her making a frivolous civil rights claim, that's not kosher.

And the obvious parallel here is elementary school teachers who teach all day except for science, where an actual science teacher is brought in to teach that class because the average elementary school teacher has no background in it. This happens all the time in Canadian classrooms; I don't know how common it is elsewhere.

This all seems like a lot of inside baseball.

Farnsworth M. Muldoon

...where an actual science teacher is brought in to teach that class because the average elementary school teacher has no background in it.

That never stopped 'em in the USandA.


This all seems like a lot of inside baseball.

Both the Miami New Times and College Fix pieces have been updated since I posted.


On an unrelated note

And now it's working again. If our gracious host fixed the problem, thanks. If it was just the Internet being it's own, weird self, well, at least it's fixed.


If our gracious host fixed the problem, thanks.

Not my doing. I’ve only just spotted your comment.

Daniel Ream

That never stopped 'em in the USandA.

Well, one of my treasured memories from my time as an IT consultant was the middle school teacher who wanted me to configure their home wifi router/gateway to turn off the radio when they weren't using it because of "the radiation".

She was the school's science teacher.

Not quite as bad as the time I was texted by another elementary school teacher asking me how to calculate 40% off of $60. When I pointed out she was holding an $800 calculator, she responded that she didn't know how to find the calculator app.


Apologies if someone has already posted this.

And for being off topic.

R. Sherman

Speaking of academics and such, take it away, David:

Through the modalities of ethnographic writing, memory, and embodied experience, I enact a lively engagement with Canada’s Rocky Mountains. By shifting the way we understand this unique, constitutive feature of the Canadian West, I suggest an approach to ethics that expands categories of agency, disaggregating it from realms of human exceptionalism.


I'm an ex-teacher. No way I would send my kids to public schools these days.


I enact a lively engagement with Canada’s Rocky Mountains.

Well, considering that large mountains just are massive and generally immobile chunks of rock, regardless of what you call 'em, given what you claim you're doing, albeit also noting that what you appear to propose will require the use of several interestingly placed detonations of high explosives, once all the assorted boulders of that landslide stop bouncing, is there any reason whatsoever why we should care?


Apologies if someone has already posted this.

Oh, the basic facts of societal momentum and DNA did already get noted . . .


R. Sherman, while the engagement was lively, the beach wedding in the Maldives had to be cancelled - Rocky's not a traveller.


Looking at the update in the original story it seems that the class was actually ‘English as a Foreign Language’ taught to students who generally didn’t speak either English or Spanish. For some reason the school has decided that the EFL class needed to teach Spanish for an hour a day on top of English, probably due to the high proportion of Spanish speakers in the area.

I’m not sure whether this extra hour teaching a language that wasn’t what the class was meant to be teaching is discriminatory or not, but I can understand why the teacher was a bit annoyed. It’s like an English teacher not getting a job because the school decided that the English classes have to teach Physics for an hour a day.

Spiny Norman

Through the modalities of ethnographic writing, memory, and embodied experience...

Oh, I see somebody's been cribbing from the Postmodernism Generator.


confidence, you say?

i'll see your "ice bucket challenge"... and raise you... well...

"He quickly became known for his provocative stunts • including
nailing his scrotum to the cobblestones of Red Square."


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