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Friday Ephemera

At last, your very own jet pack golf cart. // Gaze manipulation. // American vacations of the 1900s, in colour. // On the inhalation of “delectable air,” i.e., nitrous oxide. (h/t, Dr W). // Painted ladies. (h/t, Hubert). // Pokémon + Tinder = modern dating. // Apollo 11 command module. // It’s teeming with Earthlings. // The true sizes of countries. // 100 coats. Because it can be done. // Coke delivered to your door, 1934. // Because you can always use more Kate Bush gifs. // Berlin, July 1945. // Shrink rays would be bad for you. // Times Square of yore. // A thread devoted to 1980s 12” remixes. // Wanting not to forget. // Will she be wonderful? // Amulets on standby, people. // The word ‘effects’ doesn’t quite do them justice. // And finally, I think it’s some kind of omen.