But I’m So Much Slimmer In My Mind
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Friday Ephemera

Behind the scenes. (h/t, Damian) // Boneless hamsters. // Bitty ribbit. // How to swim backwards. // A century of Holmes and Watson in cinema and TV, including Korean and Chinese interpretations. // Assorted 70s porn soundtracks. Brace for sleazy wah-wah. // You want one and you know it. (h/t, Peter) // Prism is a game. // Whatever happened to Kelsey Grammer? // Why grammar is important. (h/t, Julia) // Stock photo reconstructions of famous paintings. // 3D-printed zoetrope. // A million dots. // At last, Nadkins. // Ultimate nerf gun is exactly like you’d imagine. // Frankenstein, 1910. // All the cats. // Loud cat. // An hour of cat TV. // A tale of two small spacecraft named Voyager. // This is one of these. // And finally, alarmingly, your toilet paper is shrinking.