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Feign Diabetes, It’s The Only Way

Know Your Readership

Farnsworth M Muldoon steers us, once again, to the pages of Everyday Feminism: 

The urge to pull at your hair or pick at your skin – does this sound familiar to you or anyone you know?

Can’t say so, no. Compulsively tearing out one’s own hair and ripping one’s own skin like an unhappy parrot, which is what we’re actually talking about here, isn’t the most common way to while away the evenings. But a thought does occur. Given that the publication in question addresses subjects of this kind with extraordinary frequency - covering a thrilling spectrum of neuroses and personality disorders, even delusions of witchcraft and clairvoyance - it’s hard to avoid the impression that the readership of Everyday Feminism, and certainly its staff, is largely made up of people with quite serious mental health issues. 

Next week, an article for readers who spend their evenings eating tissues by the fistful and then being sick behind the sofa. #GirlPower!