Bearing Down For A Better World
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Just Don’t Get It On The Sofa

For me, my menstrual cycle is my portal to the blessedness of life… It’s like magic.

Here we go again

A woman by the name of Iris Josephina Verstappen decided it was imperative she smear her own menstrual blood under her eyes and on her hands while letting the blood flow freely down her legs for a nude photoshoot to stop so-called “period-shaming.”

There are photos at the link showing Ms Verstappen in full flow, as it were, so readers can determine for themselves just how uplifting and empowering it is to bleed all over yourself, and the floor, while waiting to be applauded. When not bleeding on things in a terribly radical fashion, Ms Verstappen is a “cycle awareness educator, doula, anthropologist” and, in her words, “an endlessly creative soul.” She offers “body friendly options for menstrual management.”

Whether she gets kickbacks from the local dry-cleaner is, as yet, unclear.

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