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Friday Ephemera

I didn’t see that coming. (h/t, Ace) // Cats and dogs. // Have you tied and dyed today? // Testing defences. // Why are breasts called boobs? // Fidget cube. // Is Gab the new Twitter? // Six! is a game. // Can you see all 12 simultaneously? // Marvel’s film music is insufficiently humworthy. // A more common usage has been discovered. (h/t, Damian) // “What sort of man reads Playboy?” // Treat the dear wife to a toilet chandelier. // The taming of the fox. // “The footage depicts E. coli evolving to be 1,000 times more resistant to an antibiotic in just 11 days.” // He keeps ants. // Jack’s back. // How to speak auctioneer. // And finally, a catalogue of failed utopian communes, from poison-wielding sex gurus and tea-shunning vegans to nineteenth century radical anarcho-nudists.