An Intellectual Being
They Bring Enlightenment

Friday Ephemera

Kitten lovers, look away now. // Dolly does it double tempo. // When objects melt. // Vintage mugshots. // Inside is a game. From the makers of Limbo. // First world problem. (h/t, Julia) // Bottle opener of note. // Buddhist kung fu nuns bring food, fight trafficking. // Baby otter cam. // When the algorithm doesn’t like your article. // Bewilder your children with this retro coffee table. // Room service. // Discontinued products. // How to punctuate your parentheses. // “The F-16 student pilot started to pull up for a barrel roll, but was forced into a G-induced loss of consciousness half-way through the manoeuvre.” // “Objects around you will change shape, appearing to shrink and expand.” (h/t, Dr W) // I question the practicality. // And finally, pleasingly, the good, the bad and the ugly.