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We Live In Strange Times

Friday Ephemera

At last, pre-distressed sneakers, only $590. // One for the high-culture cineastes among you. // Oh, the humanities. // The soft, autonomous robots are coming. // Sir Anthony Hopkins is having a spot of bother with his legions of pleasure-giving robots. // It’s a bourbon-chocolate sauce, obviously. // Blank windows. // The many pauses of Gene Wilder. // First woman on the Moon. (h/t, dicentra) // A little project for the weekend. // Always clean things with lasers. Except, perhaps, your face. // A dog’s life. // A well done burger drop. // You goat mail. // For making things. // On radiation dosage. // This. // “Social justice” in action. // It’s meatier than the average slug. // On stop-motion. // If you think you’ve had a rough day. // And finally, a personal one-seat anti-insect tent.