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Never My Fault

In case there was any doubt about the appeal of bedlamite feminism and the kinds of personalities who find it congenial

I often joke with people that feminism has been like a born-again religion for me – that once I found it and let it into my life, my entire perspective shifted in such a way that suddenly, everything made sense – and that I feel compelled to spread that gospel. See, because when I first started discovering feminism, I realised how many of the bad things that have happened in my life, big and small, have been part of a larger social system. And coming to understand that it was never my fault or about me individually gave me space to start an immense healing process.

Yes, it’s Melissa Fabello, whose neurotic contortions have been noted here previously

Apparently, “intersectional feminism” not only explains “what had gone wrong” in Ms Fabello’s life, all of it, but also “every awful thing in the world.”