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They Bring Enlightenment

Noted racist and waitress abuser Mr Ntokozo Quabe™ is in the news again:

It is NOT true that I ‘assaulted’ and ‘whipped with a stick’ a white student during our shutdown of the arrogant [University of Cape Town] Law Faculty yesterday. Although I wish I’d actually… whipped the white apartheid settler colonial entitlement out of the bastard – who continued to video record us without our consent.

Well, in fairness, and as caught on video, Mr Quabe and his associates were fairly unequivocal in their demand for attention. And note the use of the word ‘arrogant’.

While word has it that the instruction to video record us came from the Dean of Law (a whole womxn of colour!), we are klear [sic] that we will not be subjected to such white violence. The violent anthropologising of articulations of black pain without black people’s consent is as old as settler colonial domination itself. We refuse to continue operating under the white gaze!

Yes, physical harassment and jabbing at strangers with a two-metre stick are actions unworthy of complaint. But the use of a smartphone to record said jabbing and harassment constitutes “white violence” and is therefore inexcusable. Potential employers, please take note.

Meanwhile, at the University of Houston, and in no way related to anything above

Philosophy department advisor Bobbie Sue Schindler agreed without hesitation to the idea of “emotional first-aid kits,” even offering her assistance to help assemble them. “The stress of school gets to them,” Schindler observed… regarding the emotional distress that students face, “like a bad grade, a missed class, being late, a microaggression, uh whatever…” To help students deal with such burdens, the emotional first-aid kits contain a baby blanket, chocolates, a plush kitten, a bag containing the smell of lavender, ear plugs, a genderless pastel teddy bear, hand written notes, and a pacifier. Only the pacifier gave Schindler any pause, though only out of concern that students might take them the wrong way. Instead, she suggested that the kit just contain a note encouraging students to suck their thumbs.

Says Ms Schindler, “I sucked my thumb for twenty years.”